Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization for SEO

Many tend to forget the fact that both conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) are not separate but two imperative solutions addressing the same problem. These two optimization strategies are surprisingly similar and convergence in both their approach as well as proven results.

Both CRO & SEO strategies accompany each other in their proficiency and their combined results-driven approach is like adding another dimension to the eCommerce SEO, which by all means enhances the productivity and indicates towards a better success probability by targeting their approach intersection. Search optimization is an efficient tool that helps you in viewing the outer world with a completely different approach. It’s like a set of attractive clothes you wear and the way you represent yourself. CRO or conversion rate optimization is like the internal body structure and represents how healthy your body you have. Hopefully, this can help you understand the aspect and how you should select the best eCommerce conversion optimization strategy to look the best both internally and externally. The vast world of CRO and SEO may not be that glamorous to you however, even the slightest enhancements in both these search optimization and conversion rates can leave a progressive impact on the success of your eCommerce store.

SEO or search optimization of your product pages starts with posting original and engaging contents that are relevant and informative to the products in order to have a strong edge over the competitors. Strong keyword research helps in conducting effective content strategies that target the best relevant keywords for the products and eventually assist in connecting with the buyers. When it comes to SEO, driving traffic makes no sense and is completely useless unless you transform that traffic into potential sales. Connecting the dots like incorporating the conversion strategy and search optimization strategy, you are not only bringing traffic to the site with better visibility but also turning that traffic into potential customers.

The entire approach follows the same common metric for both the SEO strategy and CRO strategy and you can maintain a syn between these two strategies with a single common metric. This metric does not elaborate or center around ‘rank’ or ‘sharing of voice’, but the standard metric for eCommerce SEO hovers around how to increase the revenue and what measures need to be taken to compel the customers into hitting the buy button.

Now that you have a standard measurable unit in place, you need to come up with some strategies for testing them. eCommerce conversion optimization is all about the following aspects of letting the visitors know what exactly you are selling, bonding with them through mutual trust and finally, making everything convenient for them to purchase. These are also the following places where you can look out for some powerful strategies as well. Well-planned keyword research helps you to understand keywords driving in visitors and the ones that convert well. Research states that incorporating both the volume of traffic and the ones that convert well boosts your business revenues, which is not the case if you target only search volume. eCommerce SEO works in the context of driving traffic to your site while Conversion rate optimization works towards converting that traffic to buyers by convincing them to opt for a newsletter, make a purchase or fill the contact form. Therefore, CRO assists in converting the traffic to potential buyers that you bring through SEO.

Importance of CRO & SEO for Search Conversion

Digital marketers always put a strong emphasis on the combined approach of both CRO and SEO for boosting their traffic, enhancing their conversions in rankings and eventually driving up their business sales. Remember that these two are equally connected and your CRO can’t reach any such beneficial results unless your SEO is performed well. Therefore, you must equally balance them and make them both strong for the best results. Besides these, several more aspects make it imperative to bring these two into your search conversion strategy, which are:

  • Just like SEO is important for boosting your site traffic and enhance their search engine rankings leading to better visibility, CRO on the other hand assists in converting the traffic into potential buyers by aligning their needs with your services
  • If you do not optimize your eCommerce site for better conversions by addressing the customer requirements, no matter how strong your SEO is, it won’t have a substantial impact. 
  • You can only effectively optimize your site with better CRO when your SEO is able to bring in high volume of traffic. No matter how well done, SEO is not able to strengthen your landing pages alone and the direct traffic to these elemental key pages can only be achieved through a strong CRO to enhance the conversions and boost your online revenues.
  • If you are not aware of SEO and how to improve it, your CRO efforts will all go in vain and you won’t be able to perform conversion rate optimization for pages suffering high bounce rates. This is because those pages are not suffering frequent bounce rates for poor design or usability but due to poor selection of keywords. 

It should be clear now that digital entrepreneurs must put a strong emphasis on both SEO and CRO to achieve the best results and enhance their conversion rates. This is how they will keep on earning profits for a long time and get the maximum market shares.

Can CRO have an impact on SEO?

While you do CRO, you need to bring under consideration some of the factors that have a deep impact on your SEO and waste all your hard work. If your site loads slowly and has poor quality content, not only the conversion rates would go down but also come lower in SERPs compared to the sites that load faster and have higher quality contents. Your site will suffer from reduced traffic engagement and low-quality conversion rates if your SEO efforts are dull and you keep on driving irrelevant traffic to your site.  

Web analytics data provides a lot of help by monitoring the site success and enhancing both CRO & SEO efforts since both of them use some standard metrics among which bounce rate is the most crucial. If your web page is equipped with a perfect CRO optimization with better search conversion contents, analytics etc., it will attract better and more numbers of inbound links, which in turn can result in a better search engine ranking.

Why is CRO So Crucial To SEO?

Every business target on increasing their conversion rates and amass profits, which is impossible if you do not have a strong online presence and your site has a higher ranking in search engines. This is the sole reason why it is always imperative to improvise a strategy incorporating both CRO & SEO so that you can leverage them both and enhance your business sales.

Check out how CRO can help strengthen SEO strategies:

Work on the Right Keywords:

Ranking high on the search engine for some time is not going to suffice. If your site doesn’t rank for the right set of keywords, you will not be able to drive potential customers and bring irrelevant traffic to the site instead. Hence, it is important that you identify the right set of audience and then improvise the right set of keywords for the best results. CRO helps you in

focusing on the long-tail keywords that can attract potential customers addressing their needs and increase the conversion rates.

Optimizing the Correct Pages

As it is important for you to optimize certain parts of your site for better conversions, it is equally important to look out for other parts that can help you rank high in search engines. You should figure out every page on your site according to their importance and then devise CRO and SEO strategies depending on them. Therefore, it clarifies that only SEO is not enough and you need CRO to help certain elemental pages of your site to boost overall performance.

User-Friendliness of the Design

Any site having user-friendliness when it comes to browsing always ranks higher on the search engines. A better UX always helps you in enhancing traffic engagement and thereby driving in more conversions. This proves how certain CRO steps such as enhanced page speed, simple navigation and mobile responsive pages can have a substantial impact on your site performance in search engines. One way to do it is to include some engaging video contents, engaging graphics and other forms of promotional contents.

Content Matters the Most

Relevant and high-quality content is always the most important part where the beginning of the content is precise and conveys the message properly and the later part is used for targeting the keywords. For both CRO and SEO, you need to have relevant, precise, targeted, and flawless contents comprising graphs, images, and videos to make them all the way more interesting, which will boost conversions.

Analyze the Pages Well

It is always imperative to analyze the pages well in CRO so that you are able to understand which pages are bringing you the traffic and can result in higher conversions. Moreover, you can access this data and turn in more traffic from the search engines likewise. This way you can improve the bounce rate of your site and help it rank higher in the search engines.


Although CRO & SEO are two different strategies they are useful to each other in a number of fronts and harmonize your overall strategy very well. Always remember that CRO is a fundamental element in the success of your SEO strategy or search engine rankings. Hence, you need to incorporate them both in order to obtain profound benefits of both eCommerce

conversion rate optimization as well as SEO and take your site to new heights.

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