September 26, 2022

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How to increase the life of our commercial metal buildings?

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commercial metal buildings

Even the most seasoned company owner was daunted by the prospect of erecting a large metal structure. While it may appear an impossible endeavour, don’t worry—we’ve detailed a few fundamental stages to lead you from thinking about a new metal commercial structure to making the metal building of your dreams.

Steel structures are becoming increasingly popular due to the rising cost of construction and the time required to erect buildings made of traditional building materials.

Ways to Increase the life of your commercial metal buildings

Although the rising use of metal structures in buildings gives a splash of colour to our city, people are also concerned about the usability and service life of prefabricated commercial metal structure buildings. As we all know, conventional reinforced concrete structures have a service life of around 60 years, while brick-concrete facilities have a service life of about 50 years.

Many steel structure professionals understand that designing steel structure housing is difficult and time-consuming. However, some details influence the metal building’s service life. These nuances will undoubtedly increase the lifespan of metal constructions.

Set Temperature Expansion Cracks

The temperature of the natural environment will affect the joint expansion design of steel structural buildings. The temperature fluctuation of the steel structure building will cause the prefab metal building to bend, resulting in temperature stress on the steel structure building. The higher the temperature stress, the larger the steel structure residential area. Therefore, setting temperature expansion cracks on both sides of the steel structure buildings is necessary to avoid excessive temperature stress.

Fully Understand Natural Environment

Understand the surrounding environment, geological characteristics, and climate, including local rainfall, wind magnitude, wind direction, and potential risk. I am understanding these and developing a realistic foundation strategy based on the circumstances above.

Maintain Landscape

Large trees or plants, as previously noted, can cause foundation damage. As a result, plan them out from your prefabricated steel construction. Even little plants might do serious harm to your steel structure.

Regular Maintenance

Maintain the steel structure buildings regularly to extend their service life. Under typical conditions, the corrosion depth of steel structures is 0.4mm every ten years. Thus, consider the environmental factors and maintenance difficulties.

Clean Snow On Time

Snow left on your roof puts a significant load on the structure. Check your building’s maximum authorised snow roof amount. If you suspect your roof is reaching that threshold, establish snow removal preparations as soon as possible.

After the first snowfall, it’s tough to know if you’re on the verge of exceeding the permissible quantity. Take into account the snow’s intensity, volume, and time between each snowfall. Avoid compounded snowfalls, which occur when the snow melts and gets covered by fresh snow or rain. Snow absorbs rain and obstructs normal drainage. New precipitation boosts the total weight significantly.

Clean Building Exterior Regularly

The appearance of your building deteriorates with time as the exterior becomes dusty. If left unchecked for years, the dust coat might cause structural damage. Your steel structure is unaffected by dirt. However, it may promote the growth of moss and algae. It will remove dirt and moss from your system.

Anti-Rust Treatment

Because some components of steel structures get exposed to the elements, particularly in humid conditions, it is more prone to corrode the metal structure. However, steel constructions in corrosive gas conditions will erode more severely. As a result, while using steel structure buildings, it is essential to pay attention to this aspect and implement anti-rust measures. For example, steel corrosion could result in massive losses. However, only sufficient protection can ensure that steel constructions last a long time. Anti-corrosion coatings are a common form of protection.


Steel is one of the most resilient and enduring construction materials. Thus commercial steel building care is critical to extending its life. As a result, your metal structure may care less over its lifespan. Commercial metal structures are the most cost-effective solution to expand your area and allow your company to become what you’ve always envisioned it might be.

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