Where to Keep Cardboard Boxes to Make Them Last Longer

When you relocate, the first requirement you have is for cardboard boxes. They make packing your stuff for moving much easier. You can pack almost everything in them. They come in various sizes and various quality. Single wall boxes can be used to pack light items like decorating pieces and clothes whilst double wall boxes can be used to pack heavy items as they are strong and sturdy.

Once you have reached the new house, some stuff you don’t want to unpack and want to keep them aside for the time being. Also, when you have some clothes or decorating items that you do not require so frequently, you keep them in cheap storage boxes. When you keep your unused stuff in cardboard boxes, the big question arises, where to store them safely so that they last longer. Don’t fret, in this article, we will let you know how and where you can store your boxes so that they last longer, without getting damaged.

Store boxes in Attic

If you were thinking to store your boxes in the garage, change the idea. Attic with a wooden floor is a better choice as there would be no chances of moisture seeping up via the floor and damage the boxes. Ensure your ceiling is not leaking, otherwise, the water will harm the boxes.

Keep boxes off the ground

The way you keep your boxes matters a lot. Put the boxes on the shelves, this way they will be off the ground. Try not to stack boxes on each other, this can damage the boxes that lie below. Even if you have to stack, just keep a few boxes on each other. And keep the heaviest box at the bottom.

Maintain Temperature & Humidity

If you will maintain the temperature and humidity of the attic, then you will be able to keep the storage boxes in good condition for a longer period. Climate control storage area will ensure to maintain the humidity level and temperature. Your stuff inside the boxes will stay safe for a long time only if you can take care of the temperature and moisture in your attic.

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Plastic Totes for Storage

Plastic totes and containers are a better option than the cardboard boxes if have to keep the items for a longer time. They are not easily affected by moisture and temperature change. They are also sturdy and hence can be stacked on each other without breaking down. These are also protected against insect infestation.

Why Plastic Containers better for long term storage

Cardboard containers can break quickly due to heat and moisture. They can age in a short period and the problem of bugs is also not ruled out for both – the boxes as well as the items inside. Hope the blog article has covered all your concerns regarding long term storage.

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