October 5, 2022

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Know About Gojek Clone Multi-Service Solutions | Structure, Working & Benefits

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Gojek Clone App

The On Demand Gojek clone app is one of its kind. For anyone with any knowledge in the domain of on demand multiple services. This app has become the guiding light that not only ensures that business can be carry out smoothly. It also ensures that one can remain profitable while empowering users, local service providers and many stores.

The Gojek clone app has been the topic of interest for many entrepreneurs in the last few years especially with the corona virus pandemic practically shifting all our essential requirements to a digital base. However, with popularity, came the great over abundance of variations to the app.

Basically, as more and more entrepreneurs showcased their interest in this app, many developers from the world over started building their own Gojek clone apps and selling them as products instead of services to their clients.

The best part about it was that an investor no longer had to other themselves with the actual process and cost of developing such a complex and large app. However, the biggest downside of it came to be the confusion that it brought along with itself.

As many options were cropping up it made it impossible for an investor to truly recognise the perfect app for their business. This is where this blog post comes into picture. We will aim to discuss more regarding the basic details such as the structure of the Gojek clone app, the way it works and the benefits that one can harness using it.

But, before we get into these nuances, let us go through a quick refresher of what the app is all about.


The Gojek clone app is an adaptation of the primary Gojek app that allowed users to book more than just bike taxis. Although started for that primary purpose. Ti soon spread its avenues and made sure that users could get items deliver, order things and much more using it.

Following its blueprint and maintaining its flow, the Gojek clone app was born. This new app ensured that using a single download and a single log in, users could now access the potential of over 82 services that included taxi booking, ordering food and groceries, bakery goods, pharmaceutical items, send across parcels and packages, hire handymen and other service providers like beauticians, doctors, plumbers, electricians and more.

The app might sound like it is the copy of the Gojek app, but the truth couldn’t be farther away. While it does emulate the basic working structure of the app. There is a stark different in the number of services that it made available and the type in which it could be customise for local business providers.

This new app needs to be build from the ground up writing new code strings and designing it completely with a different eye. So that entrepreneurs hoping to start a business of any scale could benefit from it.

Therefore, as much as we call it a Gojek clone app, it is in fact a multi service single download and single log in based digital marketplace that facilitates the purchase and sale of almost over 82 different types of products and services.

Now that we know what the app is all about, let us get down to the main points of discussion for the post today.

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The Gojek clone app is a large application that is driven by complex features and a plethora of services that come within its range. Therefore, in order to make sure that it is a practical and marketable solution that can be profitable for its investors, the app has to have a clean and user friendly structure.

As discussed above, this application caters to over 82 different types of services. Therefore, the structure of the app is such that it breaks down these services in groups or categories. These categories further have sub categories making it easy for the users to find what they are looking for.

The structure of the app is as follows. The user can log in to the app to find a landing page that highlights all the categories. The primary categories are:


This part works like a taxi app. People can hire cabs, share rides, car pool and more using this section.


This category has further three sub categories within it. They are:

  • On Demand Single Delivery: This section ensures that a parcel can be sent from one place to another. The dimensions and weight of the parcel can be anything. The user has the freedom to select the type of vehicle that may be used to deliver the parcel based on the weight class, the size and the budget that they have.
  • On Demand Multi Delivery: This section ensures that multiple parcels can be sent from a single location to multiple locations. Once again, the size or the weight does not matter as the user has the choice of selecting the vehicle type needed for delivery based on the speed at which they want the items delivered, the size and the weight of the parcel along with the budget that they have.
  • Delivery Runner: This is a relatively new feature in the app. This section ensures that users can hire a personal delivery professional or personal shopper for themselves. For example, they can hire someone to exclusively pick up their laundry, collect their lunch box, pick up their morning coffee and so on and so forth.


This section also has sub sections based on what the user wishes to buy and get delivered. The user can buy food, groceries, pharmaceutical goods, bottled water and much more.


This section involves the access to local service providers such as beauticians, electricians, plumbers, doctors, handymen, dog walkers, maids, window washers and more.


This too is a new feature within the Gojek Clone App. It allows users to make sure that they can set up instant online appointments and conduct them via online video conferencing or chat with experts like doctors, lawyers, accountants and more.


Unlike the conventional hunt for service providers, this section of the app allows the users to simply upload their job requirement here. The service providers offering the particular service are notified of the same and can bid for it. The user is them free to choose the service providers based on their pricing and expertise.

Now that we are done with the structure of the app, let us continue on to the next blog post to discuss the working flow of the app and the benefits of having your own Gojek clone application.

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