Know everything about your career with Astrology

Are you constantly facing failures in your career despite putting best of your efforts? You are talented and well qualified, but still, you don’t get your due rewards? In astrology, career prediction by date of birth can help you to know the reason of your failure!

Anybody wants to be successful but with a minimum of effort. The younger generation needs help understanding their best-suited line of career. Thanks to global exposure and an ever-increasing number of career options. The Vedic astrologer in Delhi will help you understand the best suitable career line for you. Finding your perfect career path is easy with Astrology!

How astrology helps in choosing the best career?

We all have our unique Kundli or horoscopes. The planets give us natural interest or inclinations towards certain career fields. Every planet in astrology has specific significations, and these lead us toward these significations.

For example, Mercury stands for reading, writing, finance, wit, travel, poetry, etc. Now a person with influential Mercury can adopt career options like accountant, writer, author, poet, or travel agent. Similarly, other planets also decide career options with their placement in the Lagna (D-1) and the dashamsha (D-10) charts. 

An apparent failure to decode the planetary script may create troubles in your successful career. Astrology on call helps you understand your planets and their effects on your career.  

The tenth house of the birth chart   

The tenth house in the birth chart is the house of career and profession. The sixth house is the house of service or job. We mainly check the influence of the planets at the tenth house and its lord.   

The lord of the tenth house, its occupying planets, the nakshatra lord, and the planets forming an association with the tenth house or its lord have a say in one’s career. The best astrologer checks the tenth house in a person’s birth chart. And to get a microscopic view of someone’s career, the D-10 chart is checked. The analysis of the Lagna lord and the tenth lord in the dashamsha chart further refines the search for the best career. The dashamsha chart can also predict your career’s bad and good times. All the possibilities of change, transfer, promotion, demotion, losing a job, etc., can be seen from the D-1 and the D-10 charts. 

When will I get a job, according to my date of birth?

Astrology can predict the timing of getting your first job and after that. The transit of Jupiter and Saturn is important in knowing the timing of getting your first job. When these planets affect the tenth house or its lord in transit at the working age for the first time, the person gets his first job. Here, the transit of the Sun is also essential to know the timing of getting a job. Similarly, the transit of these planets in the eighth house can make you lose your job.

Career prediction by date of birth

The choice of career or business is the most essential decision. The whole life depends upon the right kind of business or career, which requires accurate guidance. The career horoscope 2023 helps with the most genuine and accurate insights about your career path.

According to Vedic Astrology, planets decide the entire course of someone’s life, the moment he takes birth. The horoscope decides a person’s life events. Astrology is not merely a tool to predict the future. It serves as the ultimate guide, and if a person leads life by taking references from his birth chart, he can be successful in life. 

An astrologer can tell you what the planets have in store for you and what these planets expect from you. There are 12 houses in the birth chart representing specific areas of life. The tenth house represents the profession, but it can’t be predicted in isolation. All other houses have a connection with our profession. For example, the Lagna represents your bodily health and nature. Now suppose your Lagna is weak. Think, what a strong tenth house will do if your Lagna, i.e., health, is weak?

This is the reason why astrology doesn’t work in isolation. To determine the best career, the best astrologer analyzes the whole birth chart. Career astrology is the more defined branch of astrology that deals with career/profession/business/ or job-related issues. To put it in simple words, career astrology can deal with all career-related issues of a person.

One can know the following things using astrology

  • Whether a job or business will be more suitable? 
  • Whether the person should work abroad or in the homeland? 
  • Whether an individual work from home or go outside? 
  • Whether you will get a government job? 

Few key points to understand

  • The tenth house indicates the career from the placement of the Lagna lord, Sun, and the Moon. The astrologer sees which is the strongest, and the career is indicated by the tenth house from here.
  • A career, as shown by the most prominent zodiac sign in the horoscope, will be a suitable choice for a person.
  • The sign is if it gets an aspect by its lord or any beneficial planet, it even becomes stronger.
  • The strongest planet in the birth chart will decide someone’s career. 
  • The astrologer carefully analyzes the tenth house, the tenth lord, and its placement in the horoscope. 
  • The position of the Sun is also the key factor in deciding one’s course career. 
  • The Ascendant is the most prominent decisive factor for your future career choices. 
  • The astrologer also analyzes your 2nd and 6th houses for accurate career prediction.
  • The Dashamamsha or the D-10 chart also suggests appropriate career choices for a person. 

Problems in career and their solutions

If a person is facing problems in their career, then probably-

  • He is in a wrong profession
  • He is running a bad dasha
  • He has bad yogas or kundli dosha in the horoscope
  • He is putting effort at the wrong time
  • He is operating his business in the wrong direction

Career astrology not just helps in finding the best career but also other requisites of a successful career. The astrologer can figure out the problematic planet causing harm to your business. After that, he suggests astrological remedies to remove the bad effects of the negative planets. Among the remedies, one can opt for the best pooja for career success. The pooja helps to remove the ill effects of the planets and attracts positivity in career. Apart from this, one can use gems, rudraksha, yantra, mantra chanting, donations, etc., to get good results in the career.