LeCab Clone – Supporting Ridesharing Startups Bring Huge Revenues

When you think of ridesharing the first word that comes to your mind is Uber. However over the period of a few years we have seen the rise of many new ridesharing apps all over the world like Ola, Lyft, etc being some of them and one very prominent among them is LeCab.

Here’s all that you need to know about the app explained below.

All You Should Know about LeCab

To help riders in and around France to travel with utmost convenience and get access to quick rides simply through a few taps on their respective device the LeCab app helps them with the same since being launched in 2012.

The operation is very simple. Rider needs to simply enter the app and provide their location details. Thereafter, they need to tap on the kind of ride they want and thereafter book the ride after they have added the destination details. As soon as they perform this step their ride gets confirmed and they can thereafter track the ride and be notified as soon as the driver arrives.

This in turn gives ease to the rider and the driver both, the former in getting access to quick rides and the latter in performing their daily tasks with considerable ease and thereupon earning a good deal of money along the way.

Apart from this, the app also gives support to the ridesharing industry to keep a precise record of daily rides and the reviews of the riders and thereupon work upon it to provide swift ride services.

Through these factors the app has attracted the attention of new ridesharing industry owners and in turn encouraged them to adopt the customizable, white-labelled and ready to launch LeCab clone.

Here are some advantages attached to the solution.

Benefits You Get Adopting LeCab Clone for Your New Ridesharing Industry

Quick Access to Innumerable Ride Types

The app helps riders get quick and swift access to innumerable ride types which in turn helps them ride with convenience.

Tool to Keep Record of Daily Operations

The solution provides the business with tools like admin panel, analytics, etc, to name a few so as to help them keep a record in a precise manner so as to say of the daily operations, the profits they make and so on and so forth.

Efficient Task Management for Drivers

With the help of this solution drivers can efficiently perform their driving tasks and through the same work as per their convenience and thereafter earn a good sum of money along the way.

Track Ride Whereabouts Efficiently

The solution provides support to the riders and drivers both to track each other’s location and help the former know the expected time of arrival of the latter. Thus through all these points it but becomes clear that adopting the LeCab clone will help you build a powerful ridesharing industry that in turn will provide swift ridesharing services which in turn will bring huge revenues for you along the way.

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