What is role Web Hosting for Best SEO? And Top 3 Providers

If you have visited this, then we must idea that you know little about SEO or know what this is, or you also looking for the answer of the question of what is role of web hosting in best SEO.

Today we are going to suggest you that why a good host is important for the website, what happen if you not use web hosting according to traffic. How this will impact on your search traffic if you are using cheap web hosting.

In the certain things, we just reach on the situation where we analyze from two different website.

In the past 6 months, we tried an experiment on the website.  Where basically we wanted to know that which kind of web hosting is good for our website.

What is good web hosting?

You know about the web hosting, but have you think ever about a good web host. Well, a good web hosting is the hosting which has all the features to suitable for your website and its element.

Some of the website just made for small traffic drive, but some of has a lot user on the internet. So where, we want a good web hosting to withstand the traffic, all over the traffic on the website.

We know many of thinking that you have just started, and you do not have the much traffic why go with a good web hosting plan. We just want to suggest you that in today’s time users are growing the 2x speed on the internet. You never know when your few keywords just hit the big audience on the internet. If you cannot start think for it form the start then after coming a huge traffic on the website your web hosting may be crash.

What is the role of good web host in SEO?

Users are rapidly searching on the internet about this.  What is the role of good web host in SEO? Basically, it is the direct connection to your website.

Your page speed depend on the servers and web hosting, and how much traffic your website can run after having lots of data.

If your website get slow down then visitors may be cut webpage during the browsing and that could send a bad signal to the Google. It will down on your page also in the search result.

Top 3 Best Web hosting Provider

We are going to suggest you here the Top 3 web hosting top providers on which you can trust blindly.

  1. Bluehost:- In the top chart list, this is one of the finest web hosting provider. Personally, we are also using this web hosting since 1 year. We suggest you; we haven’t seen any kind of problem in the use of this web hosting. For the business owners and online websites managers are currently using the very best Bluehost hosting. They are from the long time in the industry and currently managing 2 million or more domain names. The company currently operates the big data base. It has owned by endurance international group. The Point is that it covers all the features that customer really require.

Why you should choose Bluehost?

We are going to suggest you why we like to use Bluehost. These are the basic reasons.

  • Well Known Company:- Worldwide it has the good name and good will. They have set it their name by implementing the quality work, and quality services to the customers. Basically, they focus on the quality services. So if you want to focus on the quality then must go with Bluehost.
  • Price Compatibility:- When you are going to choose a good web host then you must see the problem of budget. But you do not need to worry about the budget. Their prices are compatible with quality features. You will not regret in the future to regret by host with Bluehost.
  •  Free Domain name with hosting:-  if you select the yearly plan then you will get free domain name with your web hosting. So you do not have to put more money on domain name purchase.

2.Hostagtor:- Basically, you know about the hostgator if you belongs to digital marketing, or online world. Hostgator is a Houston based company. Its headquarters located in the Austin, Texas.  It has three plans of Hostgator web hosting which three are our favorite. They all are giving you the best features under these plans. So hope you will experience this by purchasing their plans.

3.Dreamhost:- This web hosting provider is not using standard Cpanel as all web hosting providers use. They have built the custom cpnal for the Customers that you will use to manage your website. We are using this plan for 6 month and it is very compatible for us. We like to use this when we are going to launch a big data website. And dreamhost web hosting is much worthy for us.

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