These are the cars going electric by 2025

While the pages have turned against the world of ‘fuel-driven cars’ and people have taken advantage of sneaking out silently with their ‘current cars’ the story and the docudrama have all gone in the favor of ‘electric cars’

Multiple car companies have clasped hands to work with the ‘flowing state of electricity’ in its veins and that ain’t a surreal thing to say that the electric cars have taken over and have rather made a ‘run over’ the existing dominance of the ‘fuel world’.

These cars mentioned below are some of those masterpieces that have an ‘intrinsic worth’ of flabbergasting the audience with near to no noise they make, are undoubtedly low on emissions, and are the only escape for the world in coming years of the ‘electrified era’

BMW iNext 2022

The production of the BMW iNext is about to start in this year 2022 and has plans to arrive at some later times in the U.S. The name ‘i’ speaks for itself that the car ‘BMW iNext’ will be joining the group of the electric vehicles by ‘BMW’.

Europe will be getting it before any other place and the car is said to have nearly 400 miles with level 3 autonomous capabilities of driving, as sadi by Austin Irwin.

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GMC Hummer EV 2021

Is deemed to have both the qualities of an SUV and a pickup and is promising to offer a whopping 1000 horsepower and will possess one, two, and three electric motors in it. The torquing power is stated as 11,500 lb-ft. GMC has also said the car will offer a removable roof panel system,  crab mode with 4 wheel steering, 4 wheel drive system.

The sales and production of the GMC Hummer got stuck due to the global pandemic but the company still has plans to sell its 100 horsepower, dual-motor, and is somewhat $112,595 in 2021.

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Lexus EV 2022

A whole cloud of conversation has occurred for the team ‘Lexus’ coming up with its direct 4 drivetrains for its EV and Lexus has also said that it will soon come up with its subtle kind of ‘direct 4’ technology. Back in 2020 was a showcasing it made with its SUV prototype which was said to be working with rear and front electric motors and producing 221 torque and 201 horsepower.

Although the year 2021 has fallen and ‘Lexus’ still go as ‘hidden’ in the production of its special sort of engines, but the car will be nearing its predecessor Lexus NX.

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