How to maintain good climatic conditions in rooms?

In a healthy body – a healthy mind. And a healthy mind depends on the air we breathe. The smallest dust particles, small insects, foreign odors, humidity and temperature-all these are the components of the”weather in the house”. Let’s find out what factors are crucial in the struggle for fresh air and how to create an ideal microclimate in an apartment.

  • Air-conditioned paradise

The World Health Organization recommends maintaining a constant temperature in the apartment, regardless of the time of year – +18-22 degrees Celsius. Warm air in the apartment is harmful to the mucous membranes and is one of the causes of frequent respiratory diseases. Do not forget to carry out an annual major cleaning of the air conditioner. And, once every two weeks, flush the filters. For installation, repairing, and troubleshooting different issues, you must contact HVAC Davenport. Their experts will provide all inclusive HVAC services at affordable prices. 

  • Maintain Excellent Humidity

Humidity is another important component of a healthy microclimate. It should not fall below 40%, and ideally it should be 60%. This can be achieved by using humidifiers. When choosing a humidifier, pay attention to the type of evaporation – natural or ultrasonic. It is preferable to use humidifiers with a natural type of humidification and water filters – they are more durable, work quieter and do not form limescale on furniture.

  • Avoid Dangerous overheating

Excessive use of underfloor heating is a time bomb in your apartment. Underfloor heating dries and heats the air, which negatively affects the health of all family members, especially children. In such a microclimate, it is difficult to breathe, and in addition, the body’s thermoregulation is disrupted. The only place where you can install heating without a twinge of conscience is the bathroom.

Proper Use of Climate Control Equipment in Your Environment!

Climate control is necessary to create a comfortable temperature and humidity in the house. It cleanses the air of pollutants, including fine dust, which causes allergic reactions in children and adults.

The climate system consists of several parts-filters, a control unit, temperature sensors, a heating element, and an air conditioner. The equipment can be equipped with additional options, for example, control from a smartphone.

Climate control is one or more devices that maintain a set temperature, humidity level, and chemical composition of the air. The control unit compares indoor air parameters with the specified parameters. If the indicators differ, it sends a new command to change them. If the temperature in the house is lower than normal, the system will turn off the air conditioner, and the heating element will start heating the air to a comfortable temperature. In different rooms, you can set a separate temperature regime. All this happens automatically. Human intervention is required to check the operation of the equipment and set new values. HVAC service Davenport can help you here. So, give us a call. 

For the system to work, it is necessary to install a heating and cooling unit so that the air is cooled and heated to the set temperature. Then it will be evenly distributed around the perimeter of the room. The unit is designed according to a simple scheme for separating air flows. The temperature values are controlled by a servo-controlled mixing valve climate system is a set of devices that affect the microclimate of an apartment. It can control air conditioning, climate control, radiators, filters, boilers, underfloor heating system, humidifiers and other units.

Climate control performs several functions simultaneously:

  • Maintains a low temperature in a specific room, such as a hallway, saving electricity;
  • Heats the room automatically (setting the program for switching on and off the equipment);
  • It takes into account the peculiarities of the microclimate in the kitchen, where temperature changes are constantly observed due to additional heat sources;
  • It takes into account the humidity level in the bathroom and lowers it to a comfortable value;
  • Analyzes the air in the rooms and humidifies, detects excess carbon dioxide and removes it from the room.

The equipment set consists of a main control unit with a processor, a temperature controller, a thermostat, humidity, temperature and contamination monitoring sensors, and servos. The temperature controller is responsible for maintaining the set temperature, the thermostat controls the temperature controller. Sensors analyze the temperature in the apartment, the level of pollution and humidity. Servos control the valves of air heating devices.

Additionally, you can use remote controls or wall panels, which are necessary for setting parameters and monitoring the operation of climate control. Wall-mounted control panels are characterized by small dimensions and stylish design.

New models of climate control equipment create favorable conditions in the house, providing an optimal level of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide. Thanks to climate control, you will solve the problem of drafts and allergic reactions. You will not need to open the windows for airing. Built-in filters reliably protect against germs, bacteria and dust. The climate control system is reliable, economical, and easy to use. 

We live in ecologically poor cities, where clean water and fresh air are highly valued. Taking the street atmosphere polluted by cars as an inevitable evil, citizens dream of creating conditions for healthy sleep and rest at least at home.

Modern climate control equipment allows you to really make such dreams come true. Invite HVAC Davenport IA to install climate control equipment in homes and apartments, troubleshoot issues and ensure their optimal performance.