Guideline Of Material Selection For Custom Noodle Boxes

Noodles are the go-to food for all age groups. Although the origin of noodles is in China, Americans are widely consuming noodles and making their flavor innovative with their local cooking touch. Many restaurants sell ready-to-eat noodles and use custom noodle boxes to make their food special. 

No restaurant can deliver food without effective and durable packaging. In this regard, multiple types of materials are used to manufacture custom boxes, that can perfectly secure the noodle quality and also help in promoting the brand. If you want to know the best material that can be used for custom noodle packaging boxes then do not skip reading this blog!

What Are Custom Noodle Boxes? 

Noodle boxes are disposable packaging that is manufactured with sturdy material to keep the noodles sizzling hot. These boxes make it easy to enjoy delicious and tempting noodles without the fear of spilling. The high walls of the boxes give the best disposable pot in which consumers can eat noodles and even reheat them if required. 

Custom noodle boxes in the USA, are commonly used because people have a huge propensity toward ready-to-eat food. That is why most restaurants use this pacakging to facilitate their customers and even grab buyers’ attention to increase their product demand and sales. 

Materials For Noodle Boxes 

As we have already discussed the boxes for noodles are widely used in the United States therefore restaurants have to order the boxes in bulk amounts to pack noodles. Despite the fact that there are many packaging industries in the USA restaurants fail to get appropriate packaging that can promote themselves and keep the packed food sizzling hot. By reading the following points you will be able to get an idea about the perfect material for your chinese takeout boxes wholesale


The most frequently used material for the manufacturing of food products is cardboard. The reason for its prevalence is that this material is not only durable but it is also easy to print. So restaurants can easily keep their food warm in catchy packaging. 

Cardboard is comparatively cheap and flexible, which makes this material a perfect choice if a restaurant wants an innovative and unique style of packaging. 

Solid Bleach Sulfate

It is a premium cardboard material that is manufactured with the help of virgin paper wood fiber. This material is bleached and poly-coated to make it water-resistant. Custom noodle packaging boxes manufactured with solid bleach sulfate cardboard material are one of the best choices that a restaurant can get to pack noodles. 

Clay Coated News Back 

This material is a variant of simple cardboard material. This is a white sheet of robust paper that has one side plain, of white color, and the other side clay coated, either black or brown. This coating of clay makes this material an ideal choice for printing purposes, as it makes the printing process smooth and easy. 

The easy printing one the boxes allows easy manufacturing of custom noodle boxes with logo. A brand that wants to promote itself at a minimum budget must get the benefit of using clay-coated news back. 


Kraft is a better choice for the eateries that want to remain organic when it comes to pacakgng. Kraft material is 100% sustainable so it has minimum negative impacts on the environment. It is also tear-resistant therefore keeping the noodles protected. Nonetheless, kraft is not as durable as cardboard material. Besides this, it is not an ideal choice if a company wants highly vibrant packaging for its food items. 


When it comes to fast food packaging, the material that comes to mind of all food sellers is corrugated material. Corrugated material has internal fluted layers that give exceptional strength to the boxes and make them the perfect choice for manufacturing food boxes. 

Custom printed noodle boxes made by corrugation can keep the noodles simmering hot and prevent them from losing their texture. This material is a little more expensive than cardboard material, so select it if you have a big budget. 

What Is The Best Material 

After reading the above-mentioned types of packaging material you may think about what can be the ideal choice for your noodle packaging boxes. So before getting to any conclusion, you must know two things, namely: what is the intended purpose of the packaging and how much your budget allows you to spend on the packaging. 

If you are selling noodles that customers have to consume on the spot, then it is fine to use moderate-quality material for the boxes as keeping the food warm will not be a big concern. On the other hand, if you are delivering noodles, then the packaging must be durable and thick to escape the heat. Similarly, if you have a big budget you can go to expensive materials and vice versa. 

Final Words! 

Custom noodle boxes are the need of every chines restaurant. However, the selection of material is a big question for restaurants. You must know the purpose of the packaging and your packaging budget before making any decision. The durability, tear resistance, moisture resistance, and easy printing are the primary factors that you must consider before making any final decision. 

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