Top 9 Mobile App Development Trends for 2021 that Boost Your Business Growth

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We can’t imagine our lives without smartphones. It has now become an everyday part of our lives, and the various mobile apps that have been embedded into our phones have become a need. People are keen to learn about mobile app development, which is a burgeoning industry. If you’re thinking of making a mobile app but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve put together a list of great mobile app development suggestions to help you boost sales and revenue from your app. Even if you are searching for a mobile app development company in New York, then contact Rentech Digital now. 

The year 2021 is expected to be the year of mobile apps, according to predictions. This year, advanced technology became accessible to the vast majority of the world’s population, and the number of Internet-connected devices surpassed the number of users.

However, the app trends for 2021 remain debatable. The level of global consumerism will rise as a result of augmented reality mobile commerce. Users will soon be able to choose unsecured cloud services instead of retaining databases on their devices thanks to the 5G Internet standard. For a modern app one needs a modern approach and so find the best mobile app development company. 

Let’s take a look at the 9 main application trends to see if we’re in a period of opportunity.

AI App 

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector is predicted to reach $40 billion by the end of 2021. Although AI is not a 2021 phenomenon, the technology has finally extended across most worldwide market segments and is now frequently employed by everyday mobile device users.

Similar AI-assisted techniques to improve service quality can be found in the healthcare and agricultural sectors, as well as the banking sector.

Marketers employ AI-powered Machine Learning (ML) or simply Deep Learning technologies to analyze customer behavior and improve goods. This saves money on inaccuracies in audience research, such as oral polls and direct user response writing.

Mobile Commerce

Conversion rates from e-commerce to mobile applications are rising, with 53% of smartphone users purchasing from manufacturers or retailers via their apps. Why? People become acclimated to mobile applications and find them more convenient to choose and purchase things than mobile sites.

66 percent of mobile commerce app users make at least one weekly purchase online. If you look at it from a marketing perspective, the fact that 9 out of 10 smartphone users have their device nearby all the time sounds promising – by providing alerts and notifications, you can sell more! Here are some examples: individuals spend around 50% more money on internet purchasing than they do on offline buying. 

The m-commerce app market is diversified. To begin with, most firms design an attractive mobile app for selling things with a single tap. Second, m-commerce accelerates IoT development by requiring automated side services such as stock management and shipping to support fast emotive purchases.

Third, to entice customers to place orders, AI and AR modules are integrated into e-commerce platforms. The first assists businesses in providing customized offers to their clients. The second brings online buying closer to the experience of visiting a physical store.

Customers are switching to mobile e-commerce platforms for a variety of reasons. The answer sounds like this: convenience, fast with tailored content. Keep this in mind while you create your shopping app, also ask your mobile app development company for the same. 

Wearable App Integration 

Wearable apps may be used on mobile devices that are worn as an accessory or as part of a person’s ordinary clothing. The technology was initially used in 2009, and the wearable software industry is estimated to reach $929 million by the end of 2021. 

Fitness-tracking bands, smartwatches, smart eyewear, and smart jewelry, such as rings and pins, are examples of wearable gear. They are designed differently in terms of usefulness. The following are the most typical functions given to wearable devices:

  • Data on a user’s health is collected (heart rate, steps, calories burned, blood pressure, exercising time, etc.)
  • Showing media information, generating it, and providing access to virtual reality games are all ways to keep people entertained.
  • Fashion issues, such as designing smart clothing and accessories, are more interactive and fit better.

According to a study of current mobile app trends, the most profitable wearable apps in 2021 will be in the fitness, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Rentech Digital can make an outstanding wearable mobile app for your business. 

Internet of Things (IoT) App Development

The number of Internet of Things-connected devices surpassed 10 billion in 2018, and the number continues to rise. At the same time, around 120 additional IoT devices are expected to join the network every second in 2021. As a result, IoT app development has become one of the most lucrative app development trends.

The IoT consists of AI algorithms, cloud databases, Internet-connected hardware, and tracking devices. Automated manufacturing robots do production and delivery activities, while automatically updating apps run online shops to provide products to end-users. However, app designers and developers should also be concerned with the user interface.

IoT techniques will be applied in a variety of industries by 2022. The most active industries were healthcare, banking, worldwide trading, production, agriculture, and retail. Individual household, transportation, healthcare, building, and smart city management are among the most popular IoT-based apps. Contact a mobile app development company in New York for more information. 


The next generation wants to save as much time as possible with their gadgets. Users prefer to get information online instead of any offline communications. 

Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Echo are the most popular standalone chatbot apps today. Chatbots, on the other hand, appear wherever we may communicate or require assistance – on Facebook, within banking apps, or at online stores.

Chatbots assisted business owners in lowering support team expenditures and serving more users per hour. 

The most popular chatbot types are digital assistants and digital buddies, therapy bots, foreign language teachers, legal and medical Q&A bots, and bot-writers. Ask your mobile app development company to keep chatbot in their mind while developing your business’s app. 

Augmented Reality 

The revenue of both standalone and embedded augmented reality (AR) smartphone apps is predicted to rise shortly. This is due to several factors. The 5G Internet standard will enable the use of augmented reality in a variety of industries, ranging from education to manufacturing. The second factor is the advancement of augmented reality, which will have an impact on current app patterns.

Virtual reality (VR) is also seen as a popular trend. It does, however, have fewer implementation options. The main one is games. In turn, AR swept the healthcare, education, industrial design, social media, and manufacturing industries. Experts believe that by 2021, VR and AR will be cheap to small businesses, implying that we will soon be able to use the technology in most B2C applications. Ask your mobile app development company in New York for a better AR application. 

Mobile Wallets App 

The majority of services and items may now be purchased or ordered online, resulting in increased demand for payment services. Digital buyers are increasingly requesting convenient all-in wallet apps, and the sector is rapidly evolving.

The e-wallet category includes both standalone mobile wallets that allow users to spend their money on a variety of items and traditional banking facilities that are accessible from cell phones. However, there are a variety of mobile payment options and concepts, such as bank-hosted peer-to-peer (P2P) payments technology.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are the most widely used mobile wallets in the world. If your business needs a mobile wallet, then ask your mobile app development services provider for more information. 

Cloud Integration for Mobile App Development

We’d want to look at cloud integration as a top mobile trend from the standpoint of development. A cloud app does not use storage on a mobile device and instead operates directly from the Internet. A web link could be used to launch it. Although it is not the same as a mobile website, cloud apps can be used offline in some instances.

Cloud applications are both cost-effective and secure. They are simple to construct and grow, as well as to integrate with any database. It’s no surprise that the cloud service market is predicted to earn $206.2 billion in 2021, up 17% from the previous year. It’s about to be the best time for cloud companies!

On-Demand App Development 

Uber was a forerunner in the on-demand business model, as it was the first to provide us with a service whose price is determined by demand, and it quickly established itself as a reliable link between people who want to use taxi services and people who want to drive for money without making it a full-time job.

Many on-demand delivery firms have been founded and developed in recent years.

On-demand concept acceptance is exemplified by Airbnb for tourists looking for a place to stay. Teams of on-demand delivery software developers have been working on these platforms since they were first introduced. That is another mobile trend to consider when launching your future business.

On-demand services, in other words, appeal to the most active and rich members of the middle class and have significant commercial potential. It is a great business idea to start an on-demand app, contact the best mobile app development company in New York now. 


Each app trend for 2021 is amazing! The app sector can boom with the introduction of new smart devices, IoT development, 5G breakthrough, and VR/AR capacity study.

All of our daily duties, including city navigation, cash flow management, personal care, and housework, will soon be assisted by mobile applications. As a result, more of our data will be stored on cloud services, making digital security the most significant challenge of the twenty-first century.

So, why not jump to a mobile app for your business? Contact the best mobile app development company now.