August 10, 2022

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Easy Tips to Create a Mediterranean Garden Escape in Home Garden

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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or have noticed that your garden is lacking in color and needs a little refresh, gathering a few ideas for how to overhaul and update your garden before spring begins means that you’ll have a fabulous new garden just in time for summer.

Mediterranean garden designs are one garden trend that is picking up steam. These gardens work surprisingly well in a variety of climates thanks to a classic mix of fragrant and colourful plants and flowers, stylish rustic furniture, and stunning feature designs. Mediterranean gardens are popular for their relaxed and informal atmosphere, as well as their familiar appearance, which many of us associate with nostalgic memories of vacations and exotic locations.

Take inspiration from our design for these Mediterranean garden ideas that will transform a sun-drenched spot into a Mediterranean garden retreat.

Choose Right plants 

Even if you have limited space, you can easily create a Mediterranean garden using unglazed terra cotta pots. From doorsteps to patios and rooftops galore, the use of pots can allow for the inclusion of a wide range of plants. Warm, dry air filled with many fragrant delights, such as lavender, can be found in a Mediterranean garden. There are many heat-loving and drought-tolerant plants here, as well as large architectural plantings like palms, bay topiary, and tree ferns. Bamboo pots are also great additions to the Mediterranean garden. Fill in the gaps with grasses and an assortment of exotic flowers and fruits, such as lemon.

Add Beautiful paving

The colour, style, and layout of your paving can provide a strong design direction for the entire garden. For example, grey or white stone laid in a random pattern creates a French country look; black or silver paving organised in a regular pattern creates the perfect backdrop to a sleek and modern scheme; and golden stone arranged in a mixed pattern creates an English country feel.

Outdoors Living Room

The modern concept of outdoor rooms arose from Mediterranean gardens, where indoor-outdoor activity can occur throughout the year. A well-planned garden with mature trees and other forms of shade can be a cost-effective alternative to air-conditioned interiors.

Add Water Features and Pergolas

When it comes to Mediterranean gardens, functionality is crucial, and protection from the elements in the form of cooling water and shade is a must. Many gardens on the Mediterranean coast require shade from the sun, so you’ll see a lot of canopies, pergolas, and water features. Pergolas are excellent for protecting gardens from strong winds and providing privacy if your garden is overlooked.

Pergolas draped in colorful climbing plants like ipomoea and jasmine are a must if you have the space. However, if you have a small garden, you may want to consider using small entrance archways, or even just some high fencing, for the look.

Add Some furniture

Choose folding furniture or bench seating that can be tucked under a dining table when not in use for smaller courtyards and patios. L-shaped sofas can be surprisingly compact, while larger spaces can accommodate full-fledged seating sets with matching chairs, sofas, and tables, sun loungers and day beds, or trendy hanging egg chairs or swing seats.

Create shade

Any Mediterranean garden worth it is salt should provide shade during the day. Consider how you will accomplish this naturally. Grow heat-loving climbers like grapevine and trumpet vine over a pergola with traditional seating underneath. You can  use Your Metal Carports or Metal Barns as your garden shade. Metal carports are the best way to use as a garden shade for your seating and entertainment purposes. 

Relaxed Outdoor Dining

It is almost a crime in the Mediterranean not to have an outdoor dining area. Sharing food with family and friends is a long-standing Mediterranean tradition, and while we may not have the same weather as the Med, many of us still look forward to summer BBQs and relaxing in the garden on long summer evenings.

Ideally, you should go with a traditional dining set. Cast aluminum works well because it is weather resistant and can be left outside during the winter. If you don’t have enough space for a large dining set, a small bistro set will suffice and is often comprised of just a coffee table and chairs. If you have more space, make sure there aren’t any areas of your garden that can be enjoyed – Seating options abound in Mediterranean gardens.

Mosaics and Paving

Landscaping is an essential component of Mediterranean gardens, and it is frequently punctuated by splashes of bright, vibrant color in the form of mosaics or tiling. Many Mediterranean gardens use paving stones and gravel instead of lawns, making this a great option for smaller gardens or those who don’t want the hassle of lawn maintenance.

Choose warm-colored paving stones, such as red and pink hues, and natural stone and gravel is an excellent way to achieve this look. Without a lawn, your garden may appear to have a lot of empty space, so you could divide it into sections by using paths and walkways lined with fragrant and colorful herbs and plants.

Don’t forget succulents

Cacti and succulents, which grow out of old stone walls and rockwork, are common features in the Mediterranean garden. A strip of sempervivums or other succulents will soften the line between your house and your paving beautifully if you have a gravel gap between your house and your paving.

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