Tips To Slay Your Newly Wed Looks In Your Office

After your wedding, are you planning to return to your job? Most newlywed ladies struggle with the most urgent question: Should I dress differently now than I did before? According to Indian tradition, a married woman must always display her marital status to the outside world by donning crimson bangles, a sindur on her forehead, and a mangalsutra . She is also encouraged to wear colourful clothing because white and black are not regarded as lucky hues. 

Some of the customs could change depending on the community. A newlywed bride in Punjabis must wear chooda, a set of red and white bangles, for a specified amount of time, which in some families may last up to twelve months. While some ladies may choose to forgo some customs out of personal preference, for the majority, maintaining customs while yet wanting to appear professional at work may necessitate a delicate balancing act.

Modern brides are changing how people adorn themselves after getting married. So why not take inspiration from others and mix up your own?

Here are a few styling suggestions to help you develop a dressing sense that fits your new lifestyle after getting married as well as helps you project an appealing, appropriate, yet reasonably priced image in social, personal, and professional settings.

Modern times have also given the mangal sutra a new avatar. Latest Mangalsutra designs that can be worn as a bracelet are now available in jewellery shops. Girls that wish to make a bold new fashion statement may choose to do this.

Making educated choices is also necessary while investing in pricey jewellery. At their weddings, girls get numerous gifts of gold and diamond jewellery. Giving the girl a bunch of bulky ensembles that she can’t wear every day results in a dead inventory. Despite having many sets in her locker, she might not be able to locate enough new pieces to mix and match with her everyday clothing. Therefore, it would be wiser if the bride’s parents and in-laws gave her light pieces like chains with pendants, a variety of diamond chandelier earrings, rings, bangles, and bracelets so that her jewellery would be worn more frequently rather than just sitting in the jewellery box.

Jewelry, handbags, scarves, dupattas, stoles, and sandals are just a few examples of accessories that may transform an ensemble from workday to occasion wear. So, to increase your adaptability, make wise investments in a number of these.

Since shirts and tunics can also be worn to work, they should preferably be in a simple, classic style. Choose fabrics of superior quality and bolder colours. For family events, these tunics and blouses can be worn with shimmering or embroidered pallazos, salwars, leggings, shararas, or lehengas; however, for the office, trousers should be worn. Another choice would be to wear a plain shirt and bottom with a striking dupatta or stole to create a festive touch for family gatherings.

Make your jewellery collection a blend of ethnic and bohemian styles because the proper jewellery goes with the right attire. A pantsuit will appear better with an ethnic choker than without any jewellery. 

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Bring a variety of shoes you own, including heels and flats. Your appearance can be altered with the correct shoes. It won’t be simple to stand in a four-inch heel without your feet pleading for mercy, so be sure to plan your route ahead of time and make a wise footwear selection.

Once you are married, there are much too many places to visit. Wear a crop top with the appropriate pair of jeans because there are countless gatherings and meals to attend and you don’t want to look alike. A stylish but laid-back bride is ideal.