9 Things No One Tells You About Original Hair Extensions

Your look is incomplete without a great hairstyle

Achieving the hairstyle you desire can be a real pain because your natural hair is stubborn and unwilling to change its shape, even when using heating tools.

It will return to its original shape way faster than you expect.

A simple solution to anyone’s unsatisfactory hair is original hair extensions because they are the finest quality human hair that last long and are entirely natural.  

Hair extensions are like a magic wand as they can make any woman look fabulous by giving them the right hairstyles, simply by adding the volume and length they wish to have.

There are 9 facts that no one tells you about original hair extensions that you must know, and they are:

  1. Price And Quality Of Product Go Hand In Hand
  2. Know More About Remy Hair
  3. Can You Color Hair Extensions?
  4. Your hairdresser is just as essential as your hair
  5. Right Way Of Combing Your Hair
  6. Density And Placement Matter
  7. Change Your Sleeping Habits
  8. You Can Install Original Hair Extensions By Yourself
  9. The Ability To Get A Versatile hairstyle

1.Price And Quality Of Product Go Hand In Hand

Flaunt your look with original hair extensions

The quality of hair extensions depends on how much money you invest while purchasing the product. The budget and quality of hair extensions have a direct relationship. 

The higher the budget, the higher the quality of hair extensions and vice versa. There are mainly two hair extensions: synthetic and human hair extensions. 

Original human hair extensions are rare and more expensive than synthetic hair, but they are definitely worth the investment.

You can style human hair extensions with hot tools and color just like your own hair, while you can’t do the same with synthetic hair.

Synthetics are more cost-effective than human hair extensions, but the quality is so low that it won’t feel like your natural hair. Additionally, it tangles a lot, deteriorating the hair extensions very fast. 

Invest a little more for original hair extensions if you are serious about getting longer, fuller, and more natural-looking hair.

2.Know More About Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are the best human hair extensions in the market

What makes Remy hair extensions special? Unlike other hair extensions, Remy is bought from one donor, and the hair quality and shades are not mixed with other hair. 

Remy hair is unique because the cuticles are aligned, making it stay fresh and lovely for a long duration. 

It has a delicate, silky texture because all strands run in the same direction.

One of the most common sources of Remy human hair is from a temple in India where people believe in offering their hair in the name of god.

The pilgrims cut their hair in ritual blessings where hundreds of barbers shave a person’s head every 5 minutes. 

The temple takes these strands, which can get up to 30 inches long, and sell them at auctions, and the money goes to support the development of the local temple.

3.Can You Color Original Hair Extensions?

Make sure to blend your original hair extension shades with your natural hair

Yes! If your original hair extensions are 100 percent human hair, they can be dyed with the help of a professional hair colorist.

You are not recommended to color your hair extensions by yourself if you haven’t done it before, or you risk ruining them. 

If you have experience, then you can color your hair extensions.

Though coloring is possible for original hair extensions, bleaching is not recommended because it is a harmful chemical process that can degrade and deteriorate the hair strands.

Additionally, your extensions will stand out for mismatched colors if you randomly pick the color. 

One way to get the correct shades for your hair extensions is by testing one clip weft first before dyeing or toning the full set. It will ensure that you are satisfied with the results after testing.

4.Your Hairdresser Is Just As Essential As Your Hair

You won’t achieve great hair just by wishing for it, you need an appointment with a good stylist

A professional stylist acts as a bridge between you and your desired hairstylist. Purchasing original hair extensions is not enough as you need a professional stylist to install them. 

If installed by beginners, there is a high chance of ruining your natural hair and hair extensions because incorrect application or removal can cause permanent damage to your hair. 

For some simple hair extensions like clip-in hair extensions, you may find it easy to install, but still, make sure you let your stylist clip it for you until you are familiar with the steps. 

A professional stylist can also help you choose the right shades that blend with your natural hair perfectly.

If you randomly pick the color, your extensions will stand out if the color match is off. 

After buying the original hair extensions, the professional stylist will trim them to give a natural texture that incorporates well with your own hair.

5.Right Way Of Combing Your Hair

Set your daily hair-care routine for your original hair extensions

Combing your original hair extensions frequently is necessary to avoid tangles that will lead to brittle hair and breakage of hair strands.

Though combing is not new and anyone can comb, most people ignore the right way of combing.

How To Comb In The Right Way?

Step 1. Pull all your original hair extensions to one side and secure them with your palm into a ponytail. Brush the hair extensions without pulling on the bonds.

Step 2. Use a hair extension-friendly brush like a Wide-tooth comb and paddle brush. Brushing the hair from the bottom to the top is highly recommended.

When brushing from tips, you will remove each tangle while reaching up rather than pulling the tangles down the hair. 

The right way of combing will avoid hair breakage, and it will lessen pulling and tugging on your original hair extension bonds or weft.

Step 3: Run your fingers through your hair once all tangles have been removed. Make sure none have been relocated or damaged while brushing.

6.Density And Placement Matter

Placement is the key when you install original hair extensions

While installing, you should consider the right density and placement of original hair extensions.

Match your hair density to avoid uneven hair installation because the weight of extensions might add to the stress on your roots.

Select the hair density as per your natural hair to avoid others noticing your original hair extensions.

If you have fine hair, go for lighter density extensions to blend well. The denser you can go, the thicker your hair will become.

If you are going through hair thinning, install more hair on the side with less hair and the other way round, making sure that all your hair is distributed equally.

7.Change Your Sleeping Habits

Silk pillows are the best way to avoid hair tangling while sleeping

If you have temporary original hair extensions like clip-in, which can be removed anytime, you don’t have to worry about the tangle caused while sleeping.

However, you need extra care before going to bed with semi-permanent hair extensions like sew-in, tape-in, and microlink hair extensions.

When you sleep, hair extensions rub against your pillowcase causing hair tangles and breakages, deteriorating your hair extension quality.

To reduce tangles while sleeping, use silk pillowcases as they are gentler on your hair and prevent it from breaking.

If you want to use a cotton pillowcase, you can wrap your head with a silk scarf to help your hair extension stay in the same position without movement.

Don’t you want to wake up with a tangle-free hairstyle? Frequently comb your hair and prevent your original hair extensions from becoming brittle and tangled.

8.You Can Install Original Hair Extensions By Yourself

Installing hair extensions can be easy once you are familiar with the process

Are you installing hair extensions for the first time? Then you better let your stylist install them for you unless you want to ruin your hairstyle.

However, if you concentrate on how your hairstylist installs original hair extensions, you can save money by doing it yourself.

Most people find tape-in hair extensions are easy to install because all you need is a nice hair tape solvent spray and the tape. 

Other original hair extensions like sew-in seem a bit complicated at first, but once you get used to it, you can install it yourself by looking in the mirror.

Original hair extensions give you the desired makeover and complete your look.

9.The Ability To Get A Versatile hairstyle

Try a new and fun hairstyle every day with original hair extensions

One of the reasons why original hair extensions are popular is their versatility, and the fact that they cover up dull hair. 

They make your hair appear healthy and fluffy. 

Wearing hair extensions is fun because you can try new hairstyles every day, like playful updos, beautiful ponytails, braids, and buns, without having to stick with one hairstyle.

The hair extensions offer you a flawless appearance, enhancing your beauty and adding charm to your overall appearance.


In a nutshell, hair extensions can be our life savior, which help get the desired hairstyle instantly and give a complete makeover.

Make sure you know some facts about original hair extensions that no one tells you about because these facts will increase the lifespan of your hair extensions. 

It is important to know all this to know what you should do once the hair extensions are installed. 

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