Qatar – personal life, work, and more as an expat

personal life and work

Personal life

How to improve your personal life and not get caught up in marriage? Technically, dating is illegal. But in fact, this does not bother anyone. You also communicate in Tinder, social networks, meet in bars – the morality police are not above your soul. Publicly kissing and walking in an embrace is not worth it; hands are not often held here either. Instead, have intimacy at home or in a hotel, hoping no one will report the police. Usually, expats live in areas or buildings where their neighbors’ privacy does not trigger anyone’s morality.

Over the years in Qatar, I have hardly heard of any problems with the authorities on this basis. Another thing is life next to conservative Muslim families or even relations with Qataris. Gossip says that the radar of vigilant Qatari wives is catching the mistresses or lovers of Qatari husbands, and there is already a circus with the police. But, of course, only foreigners are imprisoned for adultery.

About work and salaries

The Gulf countries are the most accessible place to move on a work visa. Again, citizenship is not given here, but you can live here for several decades. Nice bonus: the complete absence of taxes for individuals and no pension contributions. How much I earned, I got so much.

Qataris are one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Multibillion-dollar income and benefits are distributed among about 300 thousand of the local population. However, the rest of the inhabitants of this country, the labour force arriving, do not have political rights, part of civil rights and limited economic opportunities. For example, you need to take a Qataris in a share and give him 51% of the business to start a business.

Friday and Saturday are days off. Banks and some offices open at 7 am and close around noon. But many also work according to the classic scheme from nine to six. Suppose you roughly summarize the employment of different nations. In that case, the jobs are distributed as follows: Indians at construction sites, taxis and IT, Filipinos in services, Europeans and Americans in white collars. Service vacancies often indicate directly which nationality they want.

About income

Officially, in August 2020, the minimum wage was raised to $ 274. But back in the spring, due to the pandemic crisis, some expats received only $ 55 a month. So for the first time in three years, I have met people begging on the streets.

Everything depends on the company, years of experience, industry and other factors, so you cannot entirely rely on the table. Please note that expats usually spend half of their salary on rent, but it is ubiquitous for an employer to provide housing or provide an apartment allowance in Qatar. And for transport too. There are no taxes and deductions; not a single ATM takes interest for withdrawals, even for cards from other banks. Therefore, how much you earn is all yours.

P.S: Fret not; getting around the city is straightforward. There are multiple options to choose from:

  • Uber or similar services.
  • Taxies (hard to miss – they’re blue);
  • Metro.
  • Qatar rent-a-car if you want the most elite and comfortable experience (you may be able to drive too).

In the text about moving to Qatar on Tinkoff magazine from 2018, a vaguer fork was given; I quote: “office workers earn from 4,000 to 13,000 riyals, top managers – from 20,000 riyals.”

Walking is difficult in Qatar; there are almost no free activities, no coupon sites to save money. People come here to work, not live.

Expats come to work for several years, then return home and take property or start a business. And therefore, the attitude towards people and things is such – aloof and unattached. The perception of life changes when you know that you can be fired and leave at any moment. One day all friends will have to say goodbye, leave the habitable space and are unlikely to return to their usual places. Everything in life is not eternal, but here this feeling is exacerbated. Everything is perceived as temporary and alien in advance.