Impressive Petite Dresses for Short Height Women

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Do you think that fashion industry makes outfits only for tall women? Have you ever find a flattering dress in vibrant shades that is too big to carry? Do not feel uncomfortable anymore because Zalora Singapore has introduced the top brands petite outfits. There are many styles; however five styles are highly flattering. Just refer the Zalora voucher code and order the petite dresses for Evening, Casual, Active, Party, Workwear, Formal, summer or winter season.

1. Shirtdresses

Knee length shirtdress is ideal outfit for office routine. It is not only a flattering style but gives a practical outlook. Vertical line is formed with the help of front buttons. As a result the shirt gives leaner and longer appearance. To elongate the shape, V-neckline feature is also introduced.

2. Wrap Dresses

Petite Wrap Dress is highly flattering style, containing surplice and V-neckline so that petite women can appear leaner and longer than they actually are. You can find straight and A-line wrap outfits.

3. Sheath Dresses

It is one of the best petite styles as it fits beautifully without making it very tight for the wearer. To get a smart figure, choose the sheath outfits with a customized jacket.

4. Empire Waist Petite Outfit

This style is preferred by petite women as it does not cut the waistline in the middle. The waistline is designed below the bustline in order to show longer legs.

5. Maxi Skirts

For petite women, an amazing way to look smart and tall is to wear maxi skirts. A short maxi having top to bottom flares make the legs extra lanky. Remember, the more a maxi shirt looks like a tulip, the better will your legs appear. Use zalora voucher code to find the maxi skirts at markdown rates.

Tops with Spaghetti Strap

Petite women usually try to hide the short legs. They can be delighted by revealing feminine neckline, thin arm and prominent collarbones. In order to reveal the attractive areas, there are the perfect spaghetti strap tops. Moreover, the bust slip silk dress, waterfall midi dress, ruffle ditsy print top, embellished neck jumpsuit, hem caml shirred, ruffle dress and bustier black slip dress are some of the petite dresses that can make the collarbones and neckline more attractive.

Turtleneck Tops

Though turtleneck tops are considered as modest tops, but these are meant to show your body a bit taller and bring focus towards the neckline. Selecting a tight turtleneck top gives an impression that you have a long neck. Do not choose the brown color turtleneck tops because these appear as tad frumpy. In fact, black color turtleneck is the best to add length and attraction.

Short Classy Dresses

There are many advantages of having 5 feet height. You can easily choose short revealing dresses with high heels. For office use, choose the classy mid-thigh clothes. Though these are a bit shorter outfits but you can comfortably carry such outfits while doing the professional tasks. The zalora voucher code gives discount on petite smock dress, flare camel zebra print dresses and halter tops so you can wear finally fit outfits and make your short height a fashion statement.

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