How to Download Videos from Pinterest Video Downloader Tool on Your Device?

With pinterestvideodownloader, you can harness the power of Pinterest to easily download amazing videos and images directly into any laptop or Android device quickly! Not only that, it’s even compatible with web-based devices – making your content creation easier than ever before. From high quality memes to stunning landscapes, this tool will surely be a hit among frequent users who want more out of their social media experience on sites like Pinterest: find exciting clips by category in record time for all your profile needs!

Why do you need the Pinterest Downloader Tool?

We are all aware that Pinterest is a sizable database of diverse types of information. Every day, millions of people post their ideas on Pinterest, which is well-known globally. However, you can view that as a user because Pinterest does not offer a download option. For this reason, downloading any form of content requires the use of a third party tool. You can download videos from Pinterest using one of the many third-party video downloader applications that are readily available online. 

Please make a list of the videos you wish to download from Pinterest and then launch it.

Open Pinterest first, then log in after that. After that, list all the videos you wish to download from Pinterest. With this Pinterest Video Downloader tool, you can download videos one at a time. Making a list of those video URLs is, therefore, preferable. When you’ve located the video, click on it to start it.

Select a dependable tool for downloading videos from Pinterest.

Choosing a trustworthy video downloading application is the next step. Although there are many video downloading applications online, not all of them are reliable. You should select a malware- and virus-free, safe and secure video downloader. PinterestVideoDownloader is one of the most well-liked video downloading applications for Pinterest. By using this tool, you can download videos, images and GIFs from Pinterest.

Here make a copy of the video URL

You must copy the video’s URL once it has begun to play. You can see a three-dot icon on the left side of your screen when you access that video. Simply select the copy link option by clicking on the three dots.

Open the Pinterest Video Downloader Tool in this step.

It would help if you then launched pinterestvideodownloader. Open it in a new tab, please. To make it simple for you to copy this Pinterest video’s URL. You can then download your photographs or movies one at a time.

Enter the video URL into the PinterestVideoDownloader search box.

Just paste the URL of the Pinterest video in the search window once your Pinterest video downloader is open. Validate that the URL is valid and that the complete address is pasted. So that you can flawlessly download your video.

Download the video, then select the appropriate format for it.

Click the “Download” button after pasting the video URL into the downloader tool. The tool will start downloading the Pinterest video to your smartphone. Here, you can select the format of the video that you want. This procedure could take a while, based on the video size and your internet connection’s download speed.

The video must be saved to your device as the last step.

You must save the video to your device after the download is finished. Choose “Save” or “Save As” in your web browser to accomplish this. After choosing where to save the video on your device, click “Save.”

That’s all, then! Using a video downloader tool, you successfully downloaded a video from Pinterest. The video is now available for viewing on your device or sharing with your loved ones. If you follow the following instructions correctly, downloading videos from Pinterest using the Pinterest Downloader tool will be simpler. There are no restrictions on how you can use this tool since it is free. You can use it many times as per your requirements.