Places to visit near Kedarkantha Trek

 Kedarkantha Trek situated in Uttarakhand is one of the best and most visited trekking spots all over the year especially. And if you are planning to visit the BanBanjara Kedarkantha Trek recently, get ready to discover the beauties of the mountains and their sanctity. The purity and the blissfulness of the mountain ranges hold in a majority of zones that can be waiting for your visit and also their beauty to be discovered on your visit. This scenic tour through your destined trekking area is going to make you remember your journey till times to come. Make sure to include the listed places on your trekking list as you plan to trek at Kedarkantha.

Osla Village

Osla Village is located at Har ki Dun Valley and is known for being the last village there. The Har Ki Dun trek begins from Sankri and on your way, you will find yourself at the beautiful Osla Village. Osla Village is located on the mountain paths and these paths are sloppy. They grow apple trees and reside in houses made of wood. This village still lacks modernisation as it seems to take you to a refined primitive life as you visit the Osla Village. But the locals of Osla Village are mirth lovers and generally are warm-hearted people. They seem to offer their visitors a friendly cup of tea if you happen to have an amicable conversation with any of the locals. These people are very religious and they have a temple of Lord Shiva Someshwara as their village guardian deity. Take a walk through the heartwarming hospitality of the Osla Village on your visit.

Taluka Village

Taluka Village is one of the best places to take you through the scenic beauty of inhibition at Taluka. Taluka Village falls on your way while you trek towards Har ki Dun Trek and it is a fascinating sight to see as you step into Taluka Village. Taluka Village is settled at a distance of 12 kilometres away from Sankri Village. The alluring and warm welcome will be presented to you by the locals of Taluka Village and you will be thrilled by the traditional heritage they had been holding onto for ages. You can partake in various activities at Taluka like hiking, strolling through the village, photography and bird watching as Taluka is known for being the best hub for migratory birds that draws in a lot of trekkers, bird lovers and environmentalists. Make sure you have been to Taluka Village on your trekking journey.

Jakhol Village

The scenic tour through Jakhol Village is sure to engulf you with the traditional heritage and the lush green vegetation surrounding the area. Jakhol falls on the way towards Devkyara Trek and is a popular hub for trekkers of all kinds. Jakhol Village is situated 19 kilometres away from Netwar. Jakhol Village is famous for its herbal remedy and its agricultural lands. Jakhol Village is modern and not like the other villages untouched by modernity. The entire village is intended to offer you a freshness of the mountain air and the pine trees and the flowing waters of Ton river adds a charm to the place. Most importantly the night camp at Jakhol must not be missed because the star-covered night sky is a sight to behold for the rest of your life. Rich in heritage and culture Jakhol Village will make you wonder about the gorgeous traditional dress that still makes itself intact with the waves of modern society. They grow apple trees so you can taste the juicy apples that are being cultivated at Jakhol.  You can go bird watching and find yourself immersed with the exotic species of flora and fauna at Jakhol. Do make sure you have the name of Jakhol Village on your trekking journey in the list of places to visit near Kedarkantha Trek.


On your way towards Govind National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary you will come across Mori located in Purola. Kori is visited by many trekkers for their dense greenery surrounding the whole location and it provides a panoramic view of the villages located near the Tons River. Mori is famous for its river rafting, trekking through the dense forests, strolling through the beautiful villages of Mori and the fantastic wooden residences are eye-catching sights for the visitors. Mori is known for being the mid-point of Uttarkashi, Hanol and Purola and it works as a stop for the visitors and a popular destination to visit at. You must be at Mori so that you can feel the beauty of nature’s kingdom on your trekking.