Things to do in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh, one of the most famous and adventurous tourist hubs, is flocked by tourists, trekkers, hikers, bikers all over the year. The beautiful landscapes and the fascinating monastery and the snow-clad mountain ranges, frozen lakes, breathtaking views, monasteries and other places in Ladakh makes it one of the best places to visit. Not only Ladakh is a spot for trekkers to trek at or bikers to ride at but also there are many amusing things to do and to be at in Ladakh. Ladakh has a serene environment and a place for mysteries to be unravelled by visitors. Your journey can be as exciting as you want to be as these things to do in Ladakh will keep your heart tied up in amusement.

Hemis National Park and Hemis Festival

The Hemis National Park is famous for being a popular place for tourists, trekkers and many more people to be at due to the presence of Snow Leopards and other wildlife inhabitants residing on the snowy mountains of Ladakh. It is going to be a thrilling journey for those who wish to experience the thrill of being one with nature. You might be able to see the snow leopards and other animals during summers and winters as they come out in search of food. On the other hand, from July 11th to July 12th be a part of the glorific Hemis festival. The festival is held at the Hemis monastery with the monks clad in masks and colourful costumes displaying the mythological narratives through dance and drama. It is also known as the Chham dance which portrays the eradication of evil and bringing of peace and good virtues or triumph of good over evil. It is one of the most sacred and joyful occasions held in Ladakh.


If you are thinking about a journey through the desert lands of Ladakh on a Bactrian Camel then your destination is Hunder. Get onto jumps of the Bactrian Camel and set out on a journey through Ladakh’s deserts. You will get a better experience of the place during the summers. On the way, you will be having a scenic tour by the banks of the Shyok river and Nubra River. The sand dunes and the scenario of the historical region of trade enchants a large number of tourists towards Hunder. Not only Hunger but the route from Hunder to Turtuk will mesmerize your entire camelback journey in glee.

Hemis Monastery

Ladakh is populated majorly by many Buddhists which makes it one of the most serene and peace-loving spots. Hemis Monastery is such a monastery that is known for its grandeur and if you are willing to get a taste of the monastery life, do take up the chance to spend a night there. The early morning prayers and the sutra chantings will enliven your soul towards holiness. The monks gathering near the altar early morning and offering their prayers are a sight to behold. You can participate with them and offer your homage in the Hemis Monastery.

Butter Tea, Yak Cheese Momos

If you want to try something different then do jump into a plate full of Momos made out of Yak’s milk. No other part of the country will ever get the opportunity to try such a delicacy. Yaks are mainly the ones that provide the locals’ food, especially meat and milk. These cheese Momos are known as Chhurpi and will melt your heart with the warmth it emits through it. One of the famous places to try these delicacies is the Gesmo Restaurant. The warm butter made out from the Yak’s milk and then brewed and added into your warm tea will leave you thirsty for another cup of the butter tea. The locals brew another beverage known as Chang in a porcelain pot and to make Change they use fermented miller to prepare the drink. These beverages and food served on your table will make you acknowledge the local life of the people of Ladakh.

Spituk Gompa Trek

The Spituk Gompa Trek at Ladakh is settled on the top of a lofty hill. Trekkers love trekking at this very monastery as the pathway is filled with immense adventures. If you are into anything adventurous then Spituk Gompa is going to enchant you towards itself. As you reach your destination you will be able to bless your hardship with a panoramic view that will be provided to you as you stand near the most well-known monastery in Leh Ladakh.