August 10, 2022

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Financial Planning Academy Offers Accurate Training Process To Complete The ACCA Course

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The ACCA qualification is the globally leading accounting qualification for aspiring financial professionals. Passing this exam will give you the opportunity to prove your strong foundation to pursue careers in Tax Consulting, Accounting, Auditing, Treasury Management, And Business Valuation. 

Guidance is important

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACAA) Institute offers the “Chartered Certified Accountant” qualification since 1904. It is an international organization with 2,00,000 active members and 4,86,000 students from 180 different countries. If you know the ACCA Course detailsyou can easily assess that the exam is not an easy one.

So you need proper guidance from reputed coaching institutes for procuring the certificate. Discuss with our team at Financial Planning Academy, and you will know why joining us at Financial Planning Academy can be a life-changing decision for your career goals. 

Course details

The chief reason why you should join our academy is the scientific and methodical approach of our teachers. Let us show you the accurate structure of the ACCA Syllabus in an easy way. 

The ACCA subjects and the syllabus have three levels:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Skill
  3. Professional
  • There is total of 13 ACCA papers, and the division is:
  1. Knowledge level: 3 ACCA papers
  2. Skill Level: 6 ACCA papers
  3. Professional Level: 4 ACCA papers ( 2 compulsory and 2 optional)
  • ACCA Course will be supporting
  1. Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business if you aim for clearing Skills level
  2. Diploma in Accounting and Business if you aim to pass Knowledge level
  3. Professional Level Certificate and ACCA Affiliate Status to clear the Professional level ACCA exam.

More career options

If you join Financial Planning Academy, you can also be eligible to apply for the “ B.Sc. in Applied Accounting,” The certificate will be from Oxford Brookes University if you can successfully submit the thesis after completing the Skills level ACCA exam.

You can also apply for the “M.Sc. in Professional Accountancy,” and the certificate will be from the University of London when you appear for another additional exam paper. It will be after the submission of theses once you clear the Professional level ACCA exam. 

Our strategies

We believe that understanding a subject is the prime factor to clear the exams. You cannot mug up some pages and pass the exam, for it will be verifying your knowledge base and how you plan to apply it at any professional place. 

  • The trainers working at our ACCA Institute in Mumbai have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to teach you the techniques to crack the exam.
  • We will provide complete job placement support.
  • With weekend classes and online classes, we have successfully helped many professionals to pursue the career while working.
  • All the mentors have approval from Oxford Brookes University, which leaves no doubt about their credentials.
  • We will provide you with all authorized course books and test Papers.

Our company’s founding partner is an ACCA, with training in the UK and global exposure all across Australia, Bahrain, and the UK. We want to prepare the best version of you for passing the exam.  

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