Reasons to Go In for React Native App Development

In today’s world of digital technology, smartphones and other mobile devices dominate the internet. Research by Statista, a German company that specializes in consumer and market data, shows that. According to statistics published in January 2021, the number of active internet users worldwide is estimated to reach 4.66 billion, of which 4.32 billion (92.6%) use smartphones to access the internet. 

In the age of web applications, native apps have been criticized for being expensive, sluggish, and platform-dependent. Nevertheless, the user experience, enhanced security, and amazing native capabilities of these apps can surpass anything on the web. Investing in Native App Development is a good decision because of the goodwill that App Stores provide.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source mobile app platform created in JavaScript. With the backing of Facebook, the React Native app development industry has been growing at an astronomical rate, taking the mobile app development world by storm.

Reasons to choose React Native

With React Native changing the entire ball-game of mobile app development with a single code base for Android and iOS, the reasons speak for themselves in adopting this framework. To elaborate more on them:

1. Increased Speed of Development

Using a single code base, developers do not have to devote additional time to develop an application for two platforms with two separate strategies.

A React Native framework helps to accelerate delivery by increasing the speed of development. Developing Android and iOS apps simultaneously and efficiently is possible using the same library.

2. Native-Like Application

The market is filled with hybrid application frameworks. In general, companies use such frameworks to make their products seamless. The problem is that most of the time, these frameworks are sluggish and slow to load the application itself.

This not only loses the users’ interest in the application but also the organization’s credibility. To minimize this, React Native provides the best mobile app development via its native-like capabilities.

As React Native framework additionally mimics the development process for native apps on Android and iOS, the framework provides an edge to organizations.

3. Reduced Time, Resources, and Cost

As aforementioned, React Native app development not only expedites the development process but also saves both resources and time. For web and mobile development, developers typically need different skillsets.

However, React Native requires no particular skill set other than working knowledge of JavaScript to be able to work with it. Development costs have decreased with resource optimization. By opting for React Native app development services, you reap greater benefits with minimal expenditures.

4. Consistency in UI

Due to a single code base, consistency can be easily achieved in the UI for both platforms. With the same components, the UI looks similar as well.

A similar look and feel across different platforms will also create incoherence in the user experience, which enhances the product’s reputation.

5. Increased Efficiency and Seamlessness

Needless to mention how the React Native framework provides efficiency from the get-go – the whole process helps in delivering a seamless user experience.

React Native-based applications bring in the seamlessness that can be expected in comparison to other applications. From an effective process of development to a responsive experience, React Native-based applications provide an enviable level of performance. 

6. Easy Integration

Taking advantage of React Native app development services is primarily due to its ability to integrate various systems. With React Native’s rapid integration tools, any third-party plugin can be seamlessly integrated with the framework. Plugins can be developed with minimal effort, and collaboration can also be ensured. The integration of third-party libraries also becomes seamless, helping you develop more efficiently and more effectively.

7. Regular Updates

Since React Native is backed by Facebook, you can expect regular updates – thus making it even more attractive to use React Native for app development. Furthermore, this brings a level of trust and trustworthiness when using the framework. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology, React Native keeps up with its industry counterpart. 


Along with the aforementioned reasons, there are a few others for choosing the React Native framework – the reasons listed above are by no means comprehensive but provide the most crucial reasons for making the switch. It’s not just efficient and expedient, but it also reduces the workload of developing separate applications for separate platforms with separate codes.

Consequently, React Native app development services have an edge over other mobile development services. As a solution to the traditional roadblocks of constant coding, redesigning development processes according to the desired platforms, and spending hefty amounts of resources, React Native mitigates all these problems with just a single line of code.