Remote Patient Monitoring Software: Comfort Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring Software: Delivering Convenience & Comfort Healthcare

The formal healthcare system demands physical visits of the patients to the hospital. It is a time and energy-consuming process both for patients as well as doctors. It’s quite heavy for the pocket too. So, patients often get in touch with the doctor once their health condition gets worse. 

Moreover, amidst this pandemic, it is better to avoid person-to-person meetings unless there is an urgency to do so. Remote patient monitoring software or remote physiologic monitoring software is a technology that helps to monitor a patient’s health conditions and manage them at home, without needing to visit a clinic or hospital. It offers continuous medical attention from the health care provider while being at home. 

So, the remote patient monitoring solution enables the patients to go for a health screening easily in the convenience of their home, at a pocket-friendly rate. People keep track of their health from time to time and thus catastrophic health conditions can be kept at a bay.

Who can Benefit from the Remote Patient Monitoring Technology?

Remote patient monitoring technology is very convenient and pocket friendly technology that can help the following people in the prevention, detection and treatment of the disease –

  • Elderly People: The senior citizens can keep a track of their well-being themselves with the help of remote patient monitoring software. This monitoring technology gives them the confidence to lead an independent, stress-free life, without worrying much about health issues. They can live independently without taking much help from the caregivers yet remain under expert supervision.
  • Patients Suffering from Chronic Diseases: The patients who suffer from chronic health issues like diabetes, kidney problems, heart or lung ailment need to keep a check on their day-to-day health. Remote patient monitoring helps these patients in the management of the disease in a better way. Thus, it initiates in curbing mortality rates.
  • Patients Who have Undergone Surgery: The patients who have undergone surgery in recent times need to have a check on their health condition to avoid post-operational complications. A remote patient monitoring system can help them and their health care provider to get track of their condition without much hassle.
  • Patients Who Face Difficulty in Moving Freely: There are patients who have difficulty while moving from one place to another place freely due to old age or due to suffering from other ailments. They can easily opt for remote patient monitoring solutions and do the health screening at home or home-like environment. It has the potential to improve the quality of life by continuous monitoring.
  • People Belonging to the Rural Domain: People who stay in the countryside where there are very few facilities or no health care facilities available can undergo tests at home or home centers to detect health problems and go for the required treatment.

Advantages of Remote Patient Monitoring Software:

There are a handful of advantages of using remote patient monitoring software in our day-to-day life but here we are going to discuss three of the most important benefits that remote patient monitoring can provide in our lives –

  1. Connecting with Healthcare Professionals Anytime: Without having to go to the doctor’s place, the patients can connect with them 24X7 and stay up to date regarding the treatment layouts. So, the patients get more control over their health issues and the doctors can offer more of their time for the critical patients.
  2. Ahead of Time Diagnosis and Timely Treatment: Remote patient monitoring system aids in the early diagnosis of a disease and therefore timely treatment can be provided. 
  3. Effective Adoption of Medical Facilities: With the use of remote patient monitoring devices, hospital admissions can be avoided in the case of less grave patients. Thus, doctors, other medical staff can devote their time and energy to serious patients.

Remote patient monitoring solutions come up with patient screening devices that can be used to monitor and collect the data of the patient. These devices can be wearable ones, Internet of Things (IoT) ones, or sensors. After collecting the data through these devices, it has to be sent to the healthcare professionals using any mode of communication. Then the doctors examine them and send instant responses to those patients who need medical attention on an immediate basis so that their treatment can be started then and there.