Salary of MEAN Stack Developer in Future

When choosing a secure career, a student has to look at various aspects such as interest, scope, cost of completing the degree or course, and of course the average salary range of that particular profession. Searching for the right career choice and keeping all these perspectives in mind is a challenging task. However, in the IT field, being a web application developer is considered a respectable position. To achieve the same profession, one has to put their heart and soul into completing MEAN Stack Online Training for getting placed and to make a bright future. With the help of training institutes, it has become easy for students to achieve their dream job. Apart from this, the main objective of getting higher salary packages is also achieved.

We highly appreciate your efforts in reading this post, that’s why we will break the whole write-up into small sections. We hope that by the end of this read, you will be familiar with the scope of becoming a developer. Not only this, the readers can get a good estimate of the salary package that they can expect after successful completion of training. So, let’s get started to inform you about the same!

Who is a MEAN Stack Developer?

MEAN Stack Development is a process of development that falls within the set of four technologies: MongoDB, ExpressJs, AngularJs, and NodeJS.

Now, let’s understand who is a MEAN Stack Developer. An experienced developer is someone who has vast knowledge in a particular area. They are just like JS Based application developers who are in great demand in most of the IT industries.

For a better understanding, we would like to state that a MEAN Stack Developer is someone who makes the best use of a certain stack of technologies through which a full stack application can be created.

Most IT companies are hiring MEAN Stack Developers because they are well versed in using the technologies. Along with this, the other reason for the high demand is that they don’t have to hire multiple developers for different technologies and that’s why they are able to reduce their salary expenditure. On the other hand, it’s beneficial for the MEAN Stack Developer candidates to have a higher salary package as their position holds a good value.

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Responsibilities of a MEAN Stack Developer :

We understand that you are interested in knowing more about the salary of a developer. However, before jumping to the pay of the profession, it’s important for you to understand what it will take to earn that respectful position and a good amount of money.

So, it’s important for you to know about the responsibilities of the same. Read out the following pointers for a better understanding :

  • A MEAN Stack Developer should have hands-on experience with four technologies that are MongoDB, ExpressJs, AngularJs, and NodeJS. They should know how to apply their knowledge in the best way possible.
  • Being in this position, you have to architect, develop and test products that are stable, fast as well as highly responsive.
  • One has to develop and maintain a large database.
  • As a part of the deployment, the MEAN Stack Developer has to identify various types of technical issues.
  • Responsible for establishing and integrating development environment tools and software as per requirements.

The above roles and responsibilities are challenging enough to perform perfectly. That’s why it’s recommended that if you are going to pursue such a career, then it’s better to enroll in MEAN Stack Training in Delhi. Through the training session, you will get a good hands-on experience which will help you to perform better.

Average Salary of a MEAN Stack Developer :

There is no fixed amount of salary slab that can fit in everyone’s shoes. The pay of a MEAN Stack Developer depends on several factors like experience, training, qualifications, and hands-on experience. The salary can depend from individual to individual and how they crack the interview. However, there is no doubt in the fact that one can get a good and reputed job with a higher salary by keeping all the expert’s guidance in mind.

After analyzing the data from several websites and surveys, it can be concluded that the salary range of a MEAN Stack Developer in India lies between Rs.1.8 Lakhs to  Rs.10 Lakhs per annum. Talking about the average salary, it is around Rs. 4.2 Lakhs.

Please note that this salary slab is based on 790 salaries received by qualified and experienced MEAN Stack Developers. So, that’s why it’s only an estimated one.

We would also like to state that with experience and knowledge, the salary will increase for sure. So, along with the salary part, keep focusing on learning and growing too.

Conclusion :

Salary can be an important criterion when choosing a career field, but one should not totally depend on that part too. There is no point in achieving a higher salary if you are not interested in that particular field. So, it’s important to have interest first!

The second thing that candidates should note is that having practical experience is equally important. That’s why before kick-starting your career, get connected with the best and most authentic institute to expand your boundaries of knowledge and have an excellent hands-on experience. You can also get enrolled with the team of ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd to complete your MEAN Stack Training in Noida. Once you have put a right tick on each parameter of getting selected at a reputed company with a good package, then no one can stop you from achieving the greatest heights.