August 13, 2022

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5 Ways to Ask For Help If You Worry About Substance Use Disorder

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About Substance Use Disorder

Addiction is a long-term disorder that can break your relationships, damage your health, or lead to death. Fortunately, through treatment, you can recover from substance use disorder. Here are some ways to get help.

1. Talk to Someone You Trust

You probably have someone in your life that you are free to talk about anything with. That’s one of the best people you can go to for help. Even though the person does not have experience in substance abuse disorder, they can give you a listening ear. There is great joy in knowing that there is someone you can rely on during your difficult moments.

Starting a conversation on addiction is not easy. However, there are tips to help you out. First, find an appropriate time to talk to them. You should approach them when they are free, and nothing is bothering them. This way, they’ll pay more attention to your needs.

When talking to someone you trust about your substance use disorder, it’s important that you be honest. This gives them a better understanding of what’s going on with you. Thus, they can go out of their way to ensure you get professional assistance.

2. Write an Email

Sometimes, having a face-to-face conversation about your struggles can be difficult. Due to this fear, you might leave out some important details that might be important for your recovery. A good alternative is to write an intervention email to your loved ones.

You can open up better about your struggles and ask for help through an email. There is never an easy way to write this kind of email. However, ensure to let your loved ones know how the addiction has negatively affected your life. This lets them know how severe the situation is.

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3. Ask For Help From a Medical Practitioner

Since a medical professional is well-trained, they best understand your situation. Thus, they know the necessary steps to take when you seek help. Schedule an appointment with your doctor and let them know about what’s happening in your life.

Depending on your situation, your doctor will prescribe an effective treatment option. A viable option is Medication Assisted Treatment. MAT is the use of medications in combination with behavioral and counseling therapies for your treatment.

Undergoing treatment is essential as it helps reduce withdrawal symptoms, substance desire, and possible relapse. Your doctor will guide you through your recovery and ensure you get the necessary help. Remember that your doctor has handled many patients before, and nothing can discourage them from your case.

4. Look for Someone With the Same Experience

One of the best pieces of advice you can get is from someone that has gone through your struggles. Since they have been there, they are willing to listen to your worries. Through your talks, they will try to understand you and know how to approach the situation well.

The recovered addict is aware of how damaged you might be. Thus, they will try their best to ease your fears. During your conversations, ask them what ways worked for their recovery and see whether they will work for you. However, before trying anything out, ensure to engage a medical professional. It’s essential as everyone’s recovery from substance abuse is different.

5. Talk to Someone Online

Opening up to someone face-to-face or through email might be overwhelming. You fear they will judge you for your struggle. It might also be unsafe because of social stigma and shame. Since these can impact your life, you can reach out to someone online. There are several online resources you can get help from. These could be chat rooms or helpline numbers.

By chatting with a stranger, you can give all the details about your struggle with substance use disorder. Since they don’t know you, everything you talk about is confidential. They will, thus, let you know the necessary steps that will help you in your recovery. Notably, most of these chatting platforms are free of charge.

Closing Thought

When struggling with substance abuse disorder, it can be intimidating to ask for help. However, the first step to recovery is getting assistance from your medical professional or your loved ones. By having a support system, you will have an easy recovery process.

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