The Seven Different Types of Gift Packaging and Why to Use Them

Gift packaging is an integral part of every gift-giving experience. Gifts are wrapped up in beautiful paper, bows, and other adornments to show the recipient how much you care about them. Gifts present special moments when they are given- but what about when they’re opened? Gifts should be memorable both while being given and once they have been opened.

Gift packaging can be difficult to get right, but it’s necessary if you want your customers to feel appreciated. Gifts are generally given out of love and appreciation for the person receiving them, so giving them unique packages that show care and attention is important. With the Custom Boxes Wholesale, you can give a personalized touch to your gifts, so that’s why every gift seller offers customization options for these presents. 

This blog post will focus on why gift packaging is necessary, as well as seven different types of gift packaging: custom boxes wholesale, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, and cellophane bags.

Why Is Gift Packaging Important?

Gift packaging is important because it shows that the seller took time to think about their customers and show them, they care. In addition, gifts are a symbol of love and appreciation, so creating gift packages with customization options can strengthen your relationship with the customers.

They will prefer your shop to others, and they will become loyal customers of your brand.

Types of Gift Packaging

There are different types of gift packaging available in the market, and you can choose any of them depending upon your present needs. Some of the common types are:

  • Rigid Box Packaging
  • Hinged Box Packaging
  • Book Style Boxes
  • Gift Card Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes with Lids
  • Mini Gift Bags
  • Gift Totes and Clamshell Boxes

Rigid Box Packaging

This is one of the most common types of gift packaging. It is also known as a corrugated box, and it’s used for shipping products. Gifts can be wrapped in paper or tissue paper to make them look nice before being placed into this box.

These boxes are very easy to decorate for the recipient. You can add colorful prints and stickers to them and enhance their visual appeal for your loved ones. Moreover, you can add gift cards with them and decorate them with artificial or natural flowers along with bows and ribbons.

These boxes are used when you need to ship your gift to some other city, state, or country to your loved ones. Your gift will be secure and intact before reaching the recipient.

Hinged Box Packaging

These are two-piece boxes that open like a book with hinges on both sides, so they lay flat when opened up for display purposes. These types of boxes work best for small items such as jewelry, chocolates, etc., because you don’t need any additional wrapping if using these types of packages. 

Furthermore, you can use these types of boxes when packaging your gifts for the holidays and make it a point to customize them to reflect the season’s spirit.

These boxes are made with premium quality materials, and they come in various colors. You can choose a color of your choice that goes with your present theme or the event you are giving the gift for. It will give a more prominent and attractive look to your presents and customers will definitely love your gift. 

Book Style Boxes

These are also called tri-fold boxes; these typically come in three pieces: top cover (the image), middle base (the bulk of the box), and bottom base (sits on top of the middle). Gifts can be wrapped in paper or tissue paper to make them look nice before being placed into this box. 

You can use these boxes to pack various products like jewelry, some apparel products, wallets, or some electronic items. Usually, these boxes come with darker color shades like black and navy blue, etc. In addition, you can customize them by writing some quotes or messages on the packaging. 

Use contrast colors to get more prominent and eye-catchy results. These boxes will add value to your gift and strengthen your relationship with the recipient. 

Gift Card Boxes

Today’s popular trend is to give gift cards as presents, which the recipient then uses for a specific purchase. Gifts can vary widely in price, and this type of box will be great in preserving your card from being lost or misplaced.

It also has more than enough space to hold all types of gifts, including jewelry boxes, small albums, or books containing photographs, puzzles, and games. Gift cards come with their own envelope, so it’s easy just tucking them into the top flap before sealing up the box.

Jewelry Boxes with Lids

This comes in handy when you want to present something very special such as expensive watches or earrings. For instance – personalize these boxes with a custom logo or company name for an even more professional and personalized feel.

This box type is great to give out as gifts because it’s easy to store, organize, and display on shelves in your jewelry store.

These boxes are very useful because they allow the recipient to repack the product again and to protect it from damage.

Mini Gift Bags

This is for people who want a more personalized touch when sending gifts but don’t have time to do any wrapping. Instead, you simply place your gift inside these bags and either tie it up with ribbon or seal it shut with adhesive tape.

These gift bags are very handy when you do not have time to pack your gift, just put it in a mini gift pack and give it to the recipient. It will perfectly do the job for you. You can easily find these gift bags online and at your nearest stores.

Gift Totes and Clamshell Boxes

These types of packages are typically used by large retailers such as Target or Amazon that sell items online because they require little instruction from customers other than filling them up themselves. These also work well if you need something small like a coffee cup that won’t fit in a larger box.

Clamshell boxes, also called clamshell packages or clam-packs, consist of two pieces that can be opened and shut. These types of packaging usually have a clear plastic top and bottom along with dividers inside to keep the product from moving around during transit.

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