The 7 Most Important Parts of SEO You Need To Get Right

To derive higher search rankings and increased online visibility, it is necessary to optimize your site. SEO can be quite complex. You need to have a better understanding of the different vital parts that you are to get it correct to obtain the best results. Moreover, your existing website requires consistent improvements and how it is written. You need to identity those tweaks that impact greatly.  

What to focus on with SEO? 

According to the Best SEO company in delhi there are over 200 ranking factors which are known to affect site rankings in SERPs. It will be useful to improve these elements. At the same time, a few ranking factors prove to be more foundational or influential when compared to others. Hence, identity the elements that should be given more focus while getting started with SEO strategies

Top 7 crucial SEO parts to focus upon

Technical SEO:

Your site is likely to suffer if SEO related technical aspects get out of place. Perhaps, you have a site with everything right. However, chances are that a tiny detail could be left out in canonicalization plug-in. Perhaps the Schema implementation created has one letter not mentioned in business used on specific Schema mark-up. It could be that the large homepage slider which takes approximately three seconds to download. In such cases, SEO implementation might get dicey. 

Indexability and Crawlability:

The latter is about Google trying to identify your content among the lot. It crawls consistently the web to discover webs with the help of bots. In case your site is unable to be crawled and indexed, then it is not likely to get displayed in the search results. Indexability means search engine’s ability to study as well index a webpage. Several issues might crop up that may not make your site favourable to Google for indexing. 

Keyword research:

Without keywords, your site cannot rank in the SERPs. When properly done, your business prospects will flourish significantly. Hence, the right ones are to be used at appropriate places like H1 heading, page title tag and Meta description. Keywords should be used throughout the content several times including first 100 words. It should also sound natural while improving user experience. Keyword stuffing is better avoided since it harms search engine ranking. 

Content quality:

Generating superior quality content is vital for SEO as claimed by Google. To achieve this, your pages should offer accurate information on related topics. Also, users should be provided with what they seek from your page. There are several techniques that Google might consider your content to be spammy or low quality one. It includes content having little substance, duplicated content and doorway pages. Quality content can help improve site visibility while ensuring audience engagement. 


These are links embedded on your site derived from sites. According to Google, backlink quality and quantity is vital. Links in large numbers should be derived only from high authority sites. Although it is not possible to control directly who links with your website, different strategies can be used to enhance backlink profile. Generate quality, fresh, relevant, informative content having targeted keywords. Conduct outreach and while linking out from site, make natural use of anchor text. Do not use spammy link-building techniques. Write guest posts. 

Search Intent:

Get to know what your targeted audience is seeking from their search. Search intent for any given keyword can be termed to be what the user is trying to accomplishing through the search. For some keywords, search intent can be clearer when compared to others. Search intent can be of different types like navigational, informational and transactional. You can get proper guidance from the industry experts to undertake this task correctly. 

Social Signals:

Social media shares for your posts in huge numbers can boost indirectly your SEO efforts. But it does not help much to boost ranking directly. However, more shares will culminate into increased traffic, perceived to be a positive signal by Google. Regular posting helps develop loyal social media following. Your site should be embedded with social sharing buttons allowing people to share your published content. 

Key takeaway

No longer is SEO limited to just boosting your site’s search engine rankings. Rather, it is more about ensuring customers to visit your site. Besides this, SEO helps people to get what they seek and whenever they want it. Hence, what is required at the moment is implementing quality, robust SEO.