Should I Get A Bidet?

Sooner or later, if you spend enough time on the internet, you will come across this magical item called “the bidet”. Now, you might be wondering whether you need this in your bathroom or not. This is why we have made this article to help you decide whether a bidet is worth it for you. So, let’s get right into it.

Do You Want a More Hygienic Alternative?

Bidets have many benefits. It should not shock you to know that dry toilet paper isn’t exactly the most hygienic option for your anus, nor do they offer the thorough cleaning job that a bidet does. Bidets have been proven to be a far superior option when it comes to personal hygiene. When we use a bidet, it removes any residue that is left on your skin, resulting in a perfectly clean area. Bonus points for making us feel refreshed while doing so. Not to mention, bidets are entirely hands-free, which means that no dirt will end up on your hands after finishing on the toilet. So if this seems enticing, get yourself some quality bidet toilet seats! Most of today’s bidet models also have a self-cleaning function after every use integrated into its system.

Do You Want to Have Fewer Toilet Clogs?

A toilet clog is one of the worst problems you can have in any household. You can imagine I want to avoid a toilet clog by any means necessary. Thankfully, a great way of avoiding it is with a bidet! It will not only result in fewer plumbing issues, but it will also drastically increase the longevity of the pipes. Due to a reduction in the amount of material flowing through the pipes, the chances of a clog become much lower (almost non-existent, but let’s not jinx it). Taking this fact into consideration, bidets not only help the environment, and your hygiene, but also your finances! Now, you will (almost) never need to call the plumber again. It’s these types of smart investments that can really improve your day-to-day life.

Do You Have Women in the House?

While bidets remain a healthy option for men, it cannot be understated how much more they benefit women. When the menstrual period starts, it can be extremely uncomfortable for women to go to the bathroom. This is where bidets make all the difference, by not having to use dry and hard toilet paper that can irritate the vulva, you can opt for cleaning your private parts with water that makes the cleaning process feel like taking warm a bath. 

Aside from this, research has shown that bidets are also very useful for new mothers that have to deal with postpartum. In order to heal most effectively after giving birth, you should opt for cleaning yourself with a spray of clean and gentle water. Then we have the issue of vaginal infections. Pregnant women can experience infections such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis (an infection that arises due to an overgrowth of bacteria), etc. Around 10%-30% of pregnant women will experience some form of bacterial vaginosis. In this situation, it would be recommendable to clean yourself with fresh water and not soap. And what cleaning alternative offers water as the primary means of cleaning yourself? You guessed it, bidets!

Do You Want to Maximize Your Comfort in the Bathroom?

Bidets today are made to perfectly integrate comfort and hygiene. As we have previously discussed, the use of dry toilet paper can end up hurting your skin and cause anal itching to occur. This is another reason why bidets are taking the world by storm. They make for a great option for people who have skin irritation issues. The warm water that a bidet sprays will calm the body and heal the skin, making this a perfect option for people who suffer from anal prolapses, hemorrhoids, and any other problems. When you deal with these problems on a daily basis, it can really hurt your productivity. So, converting these painful moments into moments of bliss is truly a blessing.

Some people prefer the warm, while others prefer the cold. A good thing about modern bidets is that you can have both. They offer adjustments to the water temperature that will get sprayed, as well as the intensity of the stream. If you have any inflammations, you can also choose the direction where the water will go. This way, it soothes the rectum area and won’t result in any further inflammations. Who wouldn’t want a bidet after reading about all of these benefits?

If you have ticked several of these points then you should definitely consider getting a bidet for yourself. If you have ticked all of these points, well then… I think the answer is quite clear. Start browsing for your ideal bidet and reap the benefits. Till next time!