What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a process of marketing using social media platforms- these are the platforms where people connect and make networks globally. It helps companies connect to new or potential customers globally and gives analytics of your work.

Social media has 3 main fundamentals, it works on. These are Personal interaction, Global connection, and Analytics.

Personal Interaction-

Well, in a way, adding a personal touch to your marketing does wonders for you. Connecting to the audience one-on-one, knowing their views with what they like or dislike, getting to know their pain points, and giving solutions for that.

Global Connection-

As you know there is no limit to the internet, you can connect to the audience globally, and reach the audience that you can’t reach through traditional marketing.


One of the best feature or we can say the advantage of online marketing is that you can track your work, you can have a track of how good/bad you are performing, you can track how your reach is going, you can track your which content is most effective, in short, you can have almost all the insights of your work and you can make changes accordingly.

Social media platforms:-

There are many big social media platforms, but we are explaining 8 of them with additional social media marketing ideas.

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  • Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platform with approx three billion people using it globally. This makes it clear that Facebook is the best platform to connect, make your brand presence, and have your small business on this largest platform.

  • Tips for Facebook Marketing
  • Bring your profile to perfection
  • Jazz up your cover image
  • Don’t just post self-promotional content
  • Optimize your posting images
  • Make effective use of post timing
  • Provide the best customer care
  • Keep a close eye on your analytics
  • Try new Ad formats
  • Acuminate your Ad targeting
  • Instagram

Instagram is also one of the popular platform with around 1.440 billion users using it globally. It is an optical platform that allows social media posts in different ways like in the form of the reel, stories, videos, pictures, or long videos- IGTV, etc,

  • Tips for Instagram Marketing
  • Create your business account
  • Update profile and bio of your profile
  • Up your content posting quality
  • Go for user-interactive content
  • Develop your brand’s unique style
  • Also, be candid and unpolished sometimes
  • Have a differentiating brand voice
  • Make good use of Instagram reels
  • Make good use of trendy audio to get viral
  • Make good use of Instagram stories as well as story highlights
  • Try Instagram live and have an interactive session with your audience
  • Stay responsive to your customer DM’s
  • Make good use of hashtags
  • Use the “BOOST POST” feature of Instagram to reach a wider audience
  • Track your professional Insights
  • Linkedin

The evolution of Linkedin is commendable from being just a jobs and resume platform to being the greatest Professional platform. People opt for Linkedin for B2B marketing as its users are professionals and you can directly reach out to them through this one platform.

  • Tips for LinkedIn marketing
  • Set up your companies profile
  • Post useful content
  • Use matched audiences tool
  • Utilize the more advanced search
  • Connect to a LinkedIn groups
  • Create your own groups
  • Make good use of built-in-analytic
  • YouTube

Youtube is a video posting platform with around 2.29 billion users using it and watching billions of hours of videos on daily basis. It being the second largest social media platform,  Facebook being the first and in addition to this it is also considered as one of the greatest search engine too.

  • Tips for youtube marketing
  • Create your brand channel
  • Persistently create and add gripping videos to your channel
  • Optimize youtube tools and features
  • Optimization of video titles for voice searching
  • Leverage your youtube video description and thumbnails
  • Up your marketing through youtube shorts and stories
  • Go for co-promotion of your youtube videos
  • Use youtube Ads for marketing
  • Track your audience insights
  • Track your analytics
  • Keep an eye on your competition
  • Twitter

Twitter is where people express themselves, a public conversation platform, it is more about present or trendy topics, like LinkedIn, Twitter also comes under a professional social media platform with approx 450 million monthly active users.

  • Tips for Twitter marketing
  • Use suitable user-handle
  • Use appealing profile photo and header
  • Polish your bio to illustrate your brand’s personality
  • Post during rush hours
  • Use specific and minimum hashtags
  • Make full of Twitter’s advanced search
  • Add Images with your tweet to reach a wider audience
  • Optimize your video tweet for wider engagement
  • Create your Twitter poll for personal interaction
  • Pitch your brand to influencers with large audiences
  • Take advantage of Twitter ads
  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the greatest messaging platform with approx 2 billion monthly active users in 180 countries. Earlier it was just a messaging platform but slowly evolving it introduced new additions those are-  video calling, voice calling, story, and status section, and also one popular addition was the business WhatsApp.

  • Tips for WhatsApp marketing
  • Build broadcast list
  • Utilize group chat
  • Promote your business through WhatsApp Business API statuses
  • Promote by forming groups
  • Connect through WhatsApp calls directly
  • Snapchat

Snapchat is all about sharing present-time captured photos and short videos with your audience. It has about 538 million monthly active users. It encourages living in the moment and having fun together without the pressure of being popular, without the pressure of like counts or followers count.

  • Tips for Snapchat marketing
  • Get your personalized Snapchat filter to promote your business
  • Post snap shorts for wide engagement
  • Have a personal interaction with your audience through small snap clips
  • Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer-based community. Is a platform where people come up with their questions for the answers or vice-versa. It has around 300 million monthly active users. Also has ad platform for businesses to advertise and market their product.

  • Tips for Quora marketing
  • Create a polished profile for your business
  • Research the topics of your interest
  • Connect with people of the same interest
  • Select the right question to answer
  • You can also create backlinks by answering questions about your niche
  • Add graphics to your answers or posts for better engagement


As mentioned in the social media tips we just have to be consistent and make it daily practice without fail. And to make complete use of it, do follow all the tips and reach your desired goal. As we say, “Consistency is key to success”.