Simple Treks in Himachal Pradesh India

Trekking is obviously one of the greatest activities to perform but for the beginners or newly enthusiasts one. Covering over the ascending mountain paths, orchard country, low scrub land, crossing over sturdy streams, waving over paddy fields, deep woods, drooling under oak, deodar, exploring diverse flora & fauna ,glacial lakes, great heighten top spirituals walks and many more expedition awaits for offering the bliss and heaven right here with some simple treks in Himachal, It is a playground for trekkers.

Hampta Trek 

It is simply a gorgeous and lovely  trek with a splendid experience of beauty and trek that changes everyday the landscape and stunning crossover from Kullu Valley to Spiti Valley.It starts on an easy note and takes a pace as one about to end the journey.The adventurous trek right here at Hampta will surely exhilarate your adrenaline rush through the veins and will grant the marvellous opportunity to feel close and connected to nature, explore the charm and beauty of the sights, detox one’s mind, overcome the challenges, create awareness, capture the mesmerising views and more.

Triund Trek 

The trek is worth sweating, relaxing high up to the destination one will be stunned and with the marvelling view of Bhagsu village along with the  Mcleodganj, Dharamsala valley and a farsighted view of Shivalik hills and plains of Kangra valley. The trek is of moderate nature. It is a large area stretched over miles with modest greenery and pasture. Dhauladhar mesmerising view just above the eyes, how can anyone miss it?

Pandu Ropa Trek

Stretching the path of Panda RopaTrek is absolutely insane and makes it more pleasing to trek over the spot. A good short trek which gives an experience of high altitude trekking as well (since it is at around 14000 feet).The day hike to Pandu Ropa begins from Vashisht. The hike begins with a climb up the village passing through the lovely nature greenery, apple orchards, dense and fragrant pine forest. In the summer months one will come across several herds of sheep on this route. In the months of June and July the ground here is a colourful carpet of Himalayan Flora. If you manage to climb right up to the ridge you will be rewarded with a 360 degree view of the entire Kullu and Manali valley.

Tosh Valley Trek 

Reaching the valley one will totally feel the tranquility and the power of nature rejuvenating the soul and mind completely. Tosh is a very renowned place that one should visit. Just leave for a trek to KheerGanga that will start from Barseni. From Bursheni there are two routes to KheerGanga. One route through villages, wherein leaving the river to the right while climbing, the other is the path less taken. Herein river to the left. This is a beautiful route through alpine forest and meadows. The path is cooler but is a bit difficult as very often the path is covered by overgrown grass and shrubs. The route starts from the dam and it’s about a 1000 feet of near vertical climb via steps.Suggest take the Alpine route up and come down the other route, through the villages. 

Trek to Bhrigu Lake 

Bhrigu Lake Trek has some sacred significance which makes it prettier than usual. Horses, sheeps, goats etc. graze and gallop around you. Trekking at this spot is a bit risky, super thrilling and exciting as during the trekking one has to do some steep stepping, then sometimes one has to walk on winding hills.Beautiful one through a large lush green meadow surrounded by mountains. Breathtaking views and most importantly a good amount of physical fitness is required here so make sure you are fit enough before taking the adventure.One can see clear views of Mt. Hanuman Tibaa, Seven sisters peak Deo Tibba, and other marvelling peaks. 

Gilbert Trail- Kasauli 

A perfect jungle walk right between the serene nature experiencing the blisstrail in the mountains above 6200 ft.  Just don’t miss a chance to be here and relish the trail if you happen to visit Kasauli.This 1.5m gives you expansive valley views that are truly astounding and marvelous ! Although it is a trek, you won’t get tired. It is really like watching a suspense thriller movie. Go for a wonderful experience of walking mountains don’t seize your journey till lovers point as there is more to unveil beyond that.

Trek to Jogini Waterfall 

It’s a nice trek but brace for some uphill climb.

It is an apt choice for the ones who are beginners and about to jaunt their journey of trekking and  adventure. Jogini waterfall is a marvelling spot with an absolute soothing lush greenery around and a fall cascading from a mighty height. The view of Jogini waterfall is superb. It’s a big waterfall and you get a good view of the baes valley.