Is Studying In New Zealand Affordable For International Students?

studying in new zealand

New Zealand deems to be among the top countries that have been prioritised by international students for carrying forward their careers in terms of future degrees. Prior to that, New Zealand tends to be famous for its landscapes, but there’s much more in the country to offer. Quality education has emerged as a key factor in attracting foreign students to undertake their higher studies in top-notch international universities of New Zealand. The funding from New Zealand’s universities has been the secondary motivation for the international students to undertake educational degrees in New Zealand.  

What Makes the Educational System of New Zealand Attractive for International Students? 

An educational system esteeming excellence with the internationally recognised degrees along with the incomparable quality of living has facilitated New Zealand to stand apart from other countries. This article will be evaluating the affordable ways of undertaking the degree and education programmes in the universities of New Zealand. The educational system of New Zealand has been influenced by the educational system of the UK and tends to concentrate on incorporating research-based teaching techniques in order to prone the students to manage various situations. 

It means that the system majorly contributes to the empowerment of the students by offering them a platform to learn in an organised as well as systematic manner. This escalated level of inclination towards the research-based teaching techniques along with affordable courses has stood the country’s educational system apart from other nations. The research-focused educational system of New Zealand offers massive opportunities for the students to conduct quality research through employing advanced technologies in modern laboratories. This practice leads the students to generate the means for supporting their studies by performing various jobs in the breaks from university. 

What accentuates Studying in New Zealand Affordable for International Students?

Tuition Fees of New Zealand’s Universities

The tuition fees of New Zealand’s universities are deemed to be lowered relative to the universities of the USA and UK that represent New Zealand as a desirable country for studying. The tuition fees of New Zealand varies from the university to university along with the sector. The public universities of New Zealand offer different degrees at different tuition fees structure, for instance, the standard fees for the Bachelor’s degrees range from 4,100 euro per year to 6,100 euro per year. However, the master’s and PhD degrees from public university costs 7,300 to 10,500 euro per year and 3,700-5100 euro per year respectively. Conversely that, the degrees of medicine and veterinary sciences allude to being more expensive than other degrees. In comparison to that, private universities tend to be more expensive than public universities which range from 20,000 euro to more than 25,000 euro. 

The University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology are considered to be more affordable among the universities of New Zealand for offering the bachelor’s degree at the minimum tuition fee of 886 EUR/year and 3,997 EUR/year respectively. 

Living Costs of Students in New Zealand

New Zealand tends to be less expensive for foreign students as they require a minimum budget of 750 EUR to 1300 EUR per month to survive the monthly expenditure. The living costs of the students can be controlled through the sort of accommodation the students require, along with the area of living as well as the source of transportation.  

Costs Pertaining to Students’ Accommodation  

To alleviate the costs associated with the accommodation of international students, there have been certain prevalent ways to manage the housing facilities. The major facilities comprise the student halls of residence, homestays as well as rented flats. The rented flats relatively cost more than the other two options as the homestays deem to be most cost-saving and students’ halls of residence appear to be most convenient yet limited.  

Food and Transportation Costs

The balanced combination of eating outside and cooking often will be pertinent for minimising the costs associated with the food for the international students. Even there have been frequent discounts at the supermarkets of New Zealand which can be availed by the foreign students by buying the groceries for the entire month in one visit. Moreover, for managing the transportation costs, New Zealand has a common commute of buses and trains. The students who are inclined towards exploring the areas such as Wellington and Auckland can avail the trains for reaching the suburbs. In addition to that, several cities offer certain discounts for the students especially international students. 

Scholarship Programmes and Grants of Universities 

The scholarship programmes and the grant have been the prevalent as well as beneficial ways to facilitate the educational programmes by the international students. To live in a foreign country costs more than living in the native country and undertaking higher education pertains to more expensive. There have been several scholarship programmes which the universities of New Zealand host along with certain grants offered by the Government authorities of New Zealand. For availing of those grants and scholarship programmes, the international students are recommended to keep looking for the opportunity throughout their application procedure. 

Part-time Job Opportunities to International Students

Other than the scholarship programmes and grants, the international students can manage their expenses and facilitate the expenditure of their studies through several part-time jobs. The part-time jobs have been proved to be significant for supporting the expenditures of the students. Among all the part-time job opportunities, the assignment writing jobs have taken over the market, the students tend to search ‘do my assignment for me’ to find the respective resource for completing their assignment at an optimised time period. 

Moreover, the educational expenses can be alleviated for the foreign students by undertaking part-time jobs that majorly involve offering the best assignment help to other students. The international students can undertake the part-time jobs of best assignment help which will keep associated the students with their studies and educational programme and built their skills in research. The association of international students with the best assignment help practices tends to escalate their insights into the relatively new areas of study related to their domain.