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What Are The Tags And Attributes In HTML 5?

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HTML tags are used to hold the HTML elements and HTML attributes are used to describe  characteristics of HTML element in deep tags and attributes are two concepts related to HTML a tag is a way of representing HTML element in the program and attribute is is way of describing the characteristic of HTML element there are approximately 110 tags in HTML 5 Best web development companies used this attributes and tags while developing software and applications in this blogs lets see some of tags and attributes in HTML 5

Tags In HTML 5

Tags are represent in the <> from or syntax there are 32 new tags in HTML HTML 5 tags are part of markup language used to indicate the start and end of HTML element in HTML document HTML 5 tags help web browser  to convert HTML document into web pages  

HTML 5 tags are code embedded element with the back end of all web pages these elements highlight part of your content in the which are important as a search result and described those elements for crawler search documents some important HTML 5 tags are follows


Known as anchor tags which is used to define hyperlink in the program 


Define abbreviation form of longer  word or phrase used in 


It is used to specifies users contact information 


This tag is used to define specific area in image map


This tag is used to define an article 


Which is used to loosely related to the page content


Defines embedded sound or an audio stream


define all the base URLs for all relative URLs in the document


Represent the section that is required quote by from another source


Defines body of document


Represent embedded videos in HTML documents


Represent images in the document


Represent the title of document


Display text with underline


Represent time and date 


Defines row cells  in the tables 


Group a set of rows that describe column labels 


Represent data table in document


Define selection list selection list with form


Define article


Define region in document which is drawn graphically


Represent data in article


Represent set of predefined option for input 


Represent widgets from which user can obtained additional information 


Deprecated specifies an acronym


New tag together with new attribute list for input can be used to make comboboxes


Additional  information or control which user can obtained on demand 


Define interactive content or plugin

HTML Attributes

HTML attributes are elements contains attributes which are used to set various properties of elements there are 14 new attributes in HTML5  HTML 5 attributes categorised in required attributes,optional attributes ,standard attributes,event attributes usually required and optional attributes modify specific HTML element where standard attributes can be applied to most HTML elements 

HTML attributes are key name value pairs separated by = and written within start tag of element after elements name<element attribute “value”>element content</element> HTML attributes are specific words used inside opening tab to control behaviour of elements HTML attributes are modifier of elements following are some attributes in HTML5


Specify a shortcut key to focus an element


Classifies an element used with cascading style sheet


Draggable attribute is enumerated attribute 


It is boolean attribute


Tabbing order of an element


Used to store custom data private to application or page


Contextmenu appears when user right click element


Specify the element which is no longer relevant


Defines item type in the list


Defines Spelling and grammar check


Used to define Content of element should translate or not


Specify extra information about  element 


HTML 5 tags and HTML attributes are the most important concept in web development this is the integral part of web development process HTML 5 tags and attributes are updated according to requirement and some newly introduces tags and attributes HTML does not support audio and video tags where in HTML 5 it is supports audio and video tags HTML 5 tags and attributes are used during programming code of developing web solution 

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