4 Types Of Temple Jewellery Styles for engagement

Temple jewellery is one of the most beautiful jewellery found in the southern part of India. This jewellery tends to stand out among all other type of jewellery due to its lustrous and royal appearance. Though polki, kundan and pearl jewellery rule the roost in North Indian wedding, however when it comes to a South Indian bride temple ornaments are a must. Check out these 4 types of temple jewellery that is loved even by the North Indian bride.

1. Vadiyanam – It is not just a tongue twisting name but also another name for a kamarbandh which is a traditional long and elegant chain like piece of temple jewellery that is worn around the waist. For the South Indian bride, this is a must have accessory and is available in various designs.

It often has emeralds, rubies and other precious stones attached to it. It is one of the most intricate forms of the art of jewellery making and also originated in Jaipur and is also antique. The pieces are created using colored pacchi leaves, pearls and glass stones.

Every leaf is embellished by hand on top of the other thus making pacchi jewellery even more special and unique giving out a three dimensional appearance. Because of its aesthetic design, it has become a favorite among South Indian brides.

2. Nethi Chutti – Mostly known as a maang tika up north, the Nethi Chutti is yet South Indian bridal jewellery without which the bridal look would be incomplete. Although there are various designs as well as styles available, yet the traditional nethi chutti gives the bridal look a resplendent and divine taste. In the present day scenario, you will find the piece with a single pendent attached to it. If you are a bride who has a penchant for temple jewellery or love simplicity, give this a try.

3. Jhumkas or bell earrings – A pair of beautifully crafted jhumkas is not only good for your engagement but is also wearable for any special occasions or festivals. You can select from assorted options with something will go well with your bridal outfit. The jhumkas just like a other jewellery is inspired from the architecture of temples as well as gods and goddesses. These can be heavy, speaking of which you might want to opt for a lighter design so that it doesn’t weigh you down.

4. Vanki – Another name for a bajubandh, this piece of temple jewellery is very essential when it comes to a complete bridal set. While wearing Vanki, you can go for a blouse that has smaller sleeves or cap sleeves which can accentuate this piece of ornament. Often brides want to have a go for a retro vibe with puffed or capped sleeves or anybody who wants to sport a mix of traditional and modern, this can be a perfect choice for them. A boat neck blouse with sleeveless arms is also a good way to display a vanki.

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