5 Warning Signs When Should I Test My Water Quality?

A water test will help determine if you require further investigation to ensure your drinking water is safe. Private good owners are more susceptible to contamination from nearby septic systems and livestock than homeowners on city-maintained water systems. Testing your water is a precautionary measure you can take to ensure that no harmful contaminants are present in your drinking water. It isn’t always easy to identify whether or not there are contaminants present in your drinking water and multiple factors can contribute to its safety. Here are five warning signs to look out for when deciding whether or not you need an experienced professional to test your drinking water quality.

Signs why you should test your water quality

A Smell 

Many homes suffer from unpleasant tastes or smells in their water supply. Usually, this occurs when homeowners have an iron water supply, which would require expensive treatments to fix. Iron water is also known to be hard on plumbing and appliances such as washing machines. Test your water supply today and save yourself the cost of expensive repairs Some that we have found in Denver area homes are high levels of iron, lead, and copper which can all make water tastes bad. Sometimes the results are not as dramatic as a rusty faucet or discoloring of dishes but over time lead levels could erode your pipes and cause problems with the home’s water system.

Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride can easily infiltrate your groundwater if you live along a highway or near a parking lot treated with road salt during winter months in colder areas of the country. The runoff could lead to a white residue in your water, alter the taste a bit and of course negatively impact you if you’re on a sodium-restricted diet. You also may see saltwater intrusion if you own a home off the coast or in other areas of the country where salt-based de-icing products are used. To improve water quality Water Quality Solutions recommended a number of systems to improve the water quality. This combined with Biostim Pellets and Biostim Liquid cleans the dirty dam and ‘everything they said will do it has already happened.

Waste objects and cloudy water

In the event that you see things floating in your water, do not drink it. Floating objects could be anything ranging from dirt to bacteria. Drinking this kind of contaminated water could make you sick. These floating objects could be dirt, debris, or even bacteria — all of which can make you sick if you ingest them. Test before you drink using a water purification system to remove harmful organisms and chemicals from the water supply. Cloudy water could be a sign there are extra air bubbles in the water supply. This is not a bad thing but water that has never been clear should be checked for pollution. This is not bad but cloudy water that doesn’t ever run clear should be tested for contaminants. The cloudiness could be caused by damaged pipes, silt in the water supply, or an increase in air bubbles. Somehow most water companies can handle the situation perfectly.


Well, Water Tests help make sure that your water is safe to drink by testing for bacteria and other contaminants that, if found in large enough quantities, can be dangerous to your family. You may be surprised at how often rural public water supplies have violations of some kind because of local chemical spills or natural ills such as acid mine drainage or rusting metal pipes. Using a bacteria testing kit is the only way you can know what goes on in your water. Test for bacteria that could be harmful, and get rid of it before it starts causing problems with your health.


Dirt is more than just grime on a dirty window; it can affect your home’s water quality too. Getting dirty water into your well, pump, or tank means it could be contaminated with chemicals like chlorine or pesticides. Using a microbial treatment like BioCleanse is an incredibly effective way to reduce those chemicals in your well and ensure healthy drinking water. Also, the water quality solution helps to improve drinking water quality.

Water quality solutions Darnestown provides safe drinking water solutions for those who depend on private wells, including good cameras that provide accurate diagnostics and visual access to all areas of the water source, underground pipe locators that can pinpoint leaks, and pump hoists that allow for quick relocation.