December 9, 2021

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Tips For Driving commercial vehicles On Hilly Roads to be Safe

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If you are a commercial vehicle driver, you must have whole experience driving a commercial vehicle. This is because a commercial vehicle often has to be passed through such inaccessible or rocky roads, where sometimes the commercial vehicle has to be gone uphill and sometimes downhill. In such a situation, the life of the driver remains in danger from moment to moment. 

But there is nothing to fear, and if you know the driving tips given here, you will not have any problem driving the commercial vehicle on the most challenging mountain roads. So let us show you how commercial vehicle drivers can become the best by driving their chest stretched commercial vehicles through the hilly roads.

The Special Trick Of Driving On Hilly Roads

It may be noted here that several years ago, the safety team collaborated with the engineers’ group to test the DT12 automated manual transmission on a 6% grade at Immigrate Hill, Oregon. So in this way, after about three dozen trips on the hill with a heat sensor on the brake in minus 90-degree temperature, you are getting this trick of commercial vehicle driving on hilly roads in this blog.

Take Special Care While Driving on The Mountains

If you are driving a commercial vehicle on hilly roads, then your driving needs special attention. It’s important to note that these commercial vehicles have an automatic transmission which is still a manual transmission with the technology it automates most of the shifting. It is good either way. When using it on hilly roads, keep in mind that the auto is under control. Do not rely on an automatic transmission. Keep manual control so that no accident can happen.

Most Important Tips For Safe Driving On Hilly Roads

Let us tell here that the hilly roads are challenging while driving the commercial vehicle on such roads. The trick of operating the commercial vehicle should be with special care. Where is the braking required, where to change gears, how to control the speed in the downhill and how to proceed towards the climb? For all these things, commercial vehicle drivers should take care of many essential things, which are as follows-:

  • When you are taking the commercial vehicle on the hilly road, start at the proper speed. Don’t be in any hurry in this.
  • If you are coming very fast down the mountain while driving the commercial vehicle, it is challenging to keep up, so you should slow down before starting.
  • Do not load more than the capacity of the commercial vehicle on hilly roads. If possible, load more petite than the capacity. Keep in mind that the heavy load also affects the engine capacity of the commercial vehicle.
  • On hilly roads, turn on all the commercial vehicle lights that indicate danger. If you are descending below the stipulated speed, you can also alert others of your hazards for your vehicle’s safety.
  • Use descent mode in good traction conditions. Note that more frontline commercial vehicles with AMT have a descent mode specifically designed to assist drivers on mountain grades.
  • To activate the commercial vehicle on mountain roads, manually shift the engine brake to the operational level, then initiate the cruise control to the wanted decent speed.
  • The descent mode works to keep the commercial vehicle near the desired speed, so be sure to use it when needed.
  • The shift pedal can be used to downshift the commercial vehicle on rocky roads if the RPM is within a pace band that allows a downshift.
  • If descent mode is unable to keep the commercial vehicle within the desired speed limit, the driver should brake intermittently with the service brake.
  • If the road is wet and snowy or slippery on the mountain, do not use descent mode. It may cause a loss of friction on the tires while the commercial vehicle may slip. That’s why some vehicles like Atul Gem auto are manufactured with extra grip and, despite the small size, can work without slipping on the snowy roads. 

The Vehicle Should Be Driven At Which Speed

  • Most of the mountain roads in India are winding. Particular attention should be taken while driving on curved hilly roads.
  • You should have an understanding of maximizing the speed of the vehicle according to the route.
  • Special care should be taken when climbing on winding or curvy roads.
  • While driving on mountainous roads, care should be taken to drive the vehicle at low speed so that you do have not to practise brakes repeatedly. Frequent braking can adversely affect the tires of the commercial vehicle.
  • While descending on mountainous roads, the speed of the vehicle should be taken less than before.
  • Special care should also be taken to install the tire chain on the commercial vehicle while travelling on mountainous roads.

We think this blog can be helpful to you. Don’t forget the things mentioned above before driving a commercial vehicle on the hilly roads. We can help you with more. You can wait for our next blog. 

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