Tips To Find The Right Active Wear Bottom For You

The yoga pants or legging are in huge demand due to their visual appeal, and they are comfortable while doing the workout. Whether you should choose high-rise or low-rise, loose fit, or medium fit, the complete details are given in this post. 

Here, in this article, we are going to share the details to choose the right activewear bottoms or custom yoga pants for workout and a healthy lifestyle. You should consider the various things that will help you to choose the right fit for your body.

1. Waistbands

You should determine what kinds of waistbands are good for your workout pants. When you do a workout, then you should tug up your yoga pants or leggings. Therefore, you should choose the yoga pants with a good waistband. 

The custom yoga pants with drawstring offer a foolproof solution and ensure that your pants will not fall down. Moreover, drawstrings are adjustable and perfect for running yoga, dancing, and various other activities. The drawstring will keep your yoga pants stick to your waist. 

The thin waistband is perfect if you want to do less vigorous workouts, such as yoga at home. The thin waistband creates less pressure and helps you to stay comfortable. These kinds of activewear bottoms are good for low impact activities that do not involve bounce. If you want to do intense cardio activities, then these thin waistband yoga pants are not perfect.

The thick, waistband yoga pants offer good support and ensure a no-fall solution. You can use the thick waistband yoga pants for an intense workout. You can easily do any more, and you do not need to worry about the falling of your yoga pants. These kinds of yoga pants are perfect for running, biking, intense cardio activities, etc.

2. Rise 

Make sure that the activewear bottom you have selected will stay up during the time of the workout. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the rise feature while purchasing yoga pants or leggings. The rise of yoga pants can be described as a distance between the crotch seam and the highest part of the waistline. You should choose the rise that works best for your body and style.

The high-rise bottoms will cover your belly button, and these kinds of bottoms offer more coverage and ensure security. The high-rise custom design leggings are perfect if you are doing any activity that involves stretching and bending. The high-rise pants will not expose your back or stomach if you top moves. 

On the other hand, the low-rise bottoms create less pressure at the waist, and they form the perfect option for your weekend. Moreover, low-rise workout pants also form the best choice for light activities. Well, these kinds of activewear bottoms are not preferred for an intense workout. You can wear them while running or walking. In case your low-rise bottom wear has a drawstring, then you can wear for intense activities.  

3. Compression

The yoga pants come with two different types of compression—high and low. The high-compression legging offers best-fit and ensures security. The yoga pants with high compression ensure that yoga pants will not displace. Thus, these kinds of custom fit leggings are perfect for intense workouts. But, they are not for lazy Sundays because they can make you feel uncomfortable. 

The workout leggings with low-compression are very comfortable to wear. They are easy to put-on and put-off. These kinds of yoga pants may not stay securely at their place if you get involved in the intense motion. This style is great if you want to embrace athleisure looks. 

4. Silhouette

The silhouettes that are ideal for a workout are described below: 

The flared yoga pants start getting wide from the knee and reach to the widest point at ankles. This type of silhouette is perfect for various kinds of activities. Always keep in mind that this kind of silhouette may act as an impediment and restrict your movements. It may not be perfect for biking and cycling. The fabric of your yoga pant may get caught in the silhouette. 

On the other hand, thee fitted activewear bottoms have a perfect fit silhouette. It this type of workout leggings, there is no extra fabric at the bottom. Therefore, this kind of yoga pant is perfect for doing intense workouts and exercise.

During the summer season, wearing full-length activewear bottoms may make you feel uncomfortable while doing the workout. You should opt for shorts that ensure air circulation and help you to stay cool and comfortable. 

When you choose shorts are activewear bottom, then you can go for cycling, and you do not need to worry about the fabric caught by the chain of the cycle.  So, choose the right fit for your style and your body.

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