Tips to keep kids tooth healthy

Kids eat a lot of chocolates, when they eat chocolates most of the kids do not brush their teeth as they are not aware of the problems they have to face in near future. Chocolates are stagnant on the teeth, when they come in contact with certain kinds of bacteria in our mouth they produce bacteria and damage the mineral present in the tooth enamel.  Further this causes formation of plaque and cavities initially and many more serious problems like tooth loss later.

If we want a healthy oral area then we need to ask them to brush after they eat sweets, candies or chocolates. They should brush their teeth twice in the morning as well as at night after the meal. By the age of five it is important for the parents to take proper appointments with the dentist and do regular checkups. So if there is any kind of problem occurring it can be cured at an initial stage. Not even kids, everyone should visit a dentist once in six months and children should be taught the proper technique of brushing and other necessary things which helps in keeping our oral health hygienic.

Parents also need to check after their kids if they have some bad habits like thumb sucking, lip biting or sucking, mouth breathing or tongue thrusting; if any of these habits are there, it can also cause or aggravate the decay to happen between the teeth of the kids. Many kids sleep while opening their mouth, in such cases dental decay can occur. These are those kids who are habitual to mouth breathing, parents need to see this and fix this problem to avoid further damage to the oral health of their kids.

There are many techniques through which tooth decay can be avoided, one of them is fluoride application. Fluoride application is allowing a layer of fluoride on the tooth structure to prevent tooth decay. There is a substance called fluoride structure which acts on the top of the tooth structure to form a fluoro apatite crystal and does not allow decay to happen easily. If you get this fluoride application done once in six months for your kids then we can avoid many dental caries that can happen to a kid.

Note: You should consult your dentist before doing any type of new experiment with your kid’s dental care.

Now here are some easy tips to take a good care of your kid’s oral health:

  1. Choose a soft nylon bristle brush for your teeth. Hard bristles can cause bleeding in your gums as well as they can remove the minerals present in your enamel which fights with the bacteria.
  2. Size also matters! The head of the toothbrush should be small and soft. Big head brushes are a little tough to access every area of your teeth as compared to the brush with a small head.
  3. If you feel like your brushing is not enough for your teeth then you can switch to electrical brush. Electrical brush provides more cleanliness in less time as compared with manual cleaning with a normal brush.
  4. Squeeze a pea size amount of toothpaste onto your brush; your teeth don’t need more than that. Brush your teeth twice a day. Take a gap of half our between dinner and brushing while brushing at night.
  5. Be selective while choosing your toothpaste. Choose toothpaste in which fluoride is present. Fluoride is very helpful with fighting the cavities and protects our tooth from decay.
  6. Place your toothbrush at an angle of 45o against your teeth and move your brush in lower direction for the upper teeth and in upper direction for the lower teeth.
  7. Choose a section of teeth (3 to 4 teeth) and brush in a circular motion, do this for all teeth.
  8. Don’t be too harsh while brushing, it can damage the gums and tooth enamel. Pay a special attention to the gum line as they are more delicate and a simple scratch can cause bleeding. And be sure that the bristles get in between the space of the teeth.
  9. Rinse properly your mouth as well as your toothbrush.
  10. Clean your tongue with a soft tongue cleaner that will remove the bacteria from your tongue as well, don’t be too harsh on your tongue.
  11. Take time and brush properly. Many people only take 30 seconds for a complete brushing. Two minutes is the ideal time for brushing teeth.
  12. Change your toothbrush every three months. The three or more months older brush is less effective and there is a danger that it may carry bacteria.

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