Top 5 Trendiest Wedding Themes

When planning your wedding, choosing the theme for it should be at the top of your wedding checklist. Right next to picking the date and the venue. This is because the theme will set the tone for many other things you must decide on. For example, the attire, the decorations, and the music will probably depend on it. 

To help you define which is closest to your heart, we gathered five of the most loved and successful wedding themes here. Dig deep into your heart and see which one is for you. 

A fairytale wedding 

trendiest wedding themes

So many children dream about their wedding growing up. And so many children grow up listening to fairy tale stories at bedtime. Or watch movies inspired by them, at least. So no surprise these two things are connected in the fantasies for many of us. And even less of a surprise that a fairytale wedding is one of the longest-existing wedding themes.  

If you’re a couple that never wants to grow up, a fairytale wedding theme could be an ideal choice. After all, if you say your wedding vows are surrounded by classic symbols of romance, you should have bigger chances of living happily ever after, right? 

Also, you should choose a fairytale wedding if you simply like some of the following characteristics:

  • Princes and princesses in fairytales usually live in castles so that could be the ideal wedding venue
  • You can decorate tables with a lot of candles and red or pink roses
  • When considering attire for the bride(s) and bridesmaids, think of Cinderella’s dress
  • A carriage ride is the best ride for the happy couple 

An industrial-chic wedding

For couples whose hearts are closer to something more modern, a wedding inspired by industrial chick could be ideal. It’s still very romantic but the colors and other elements are more urban. 

It could be an ideal choice for those who want to ensure their wedding differs from others. 

A perfect industrial wedding would have some or all of the following characteristics: 

  • A venue should be with a lot of open space, walls of bricks you can see, and floors made of concrete or hardwood 
  • Tables should be decorated in metallic colors 
  • Wedding dresses can be in metallic colors too and should have a modern cut 

A vintage wedding 

Different elements of past eras inspire weddings that have a vintage theme. Sometimes it’s just one era, like the roaring ’20s, for example. 

This type of wedding could be ideal for couples that love visiting antique shops. Or those who never skip a museum visit while traveling. And those that often feel a sense of nostalgia for the bygone times. 

Vintage weddings have been popular for quite some time. Lately, the whole world seems to be more and more falling in love with anything vintage, from clothes to furniture. One of the reasons for it is the need to live a sustainable life. All this means that if you find a vintage wedding ideal for you, your guests will probably enjoy it too. 

The main characteristics of a vintage wedding will depend on the era closest to your heart, but here are some examples: 

  • The venue could be an old chapel or a townhouse 
  • Tables can be covered with floral table runners
  • The wedding gown(s) can be covered in gentle romantic lace
  • The newlyweds’ car can be a beautiful oldtimer

A destination wedding

A destination wedding can be ideal for couples who enjoy traveling and share wanderlust. It means that instead of traveling for a honeymoon, you take the whole wedding party on a trip. 

These weddings are inspired by the location of choice and what it has to offer. So, you can choose your favorite spot on Earth (maybe the palace you met) to tie the knot. Or you can travel where you always wanted to. Choices based on the climate different than in the place you live are also quite often. Some people want to get married in a winter wonderland, while others prefer the beach.  

So, the main characteristics will largely depend on where in the world you’ll go. On some occasions, these weddings are more expensive than the ones you’d have at home. However, if you can’t afford to go somewhere, you can choose a destination as a team and have it at a local wedding venue. 

A casual wedding

For couples who think the whole wedding planning is overwhelming, as well as for those who want all about the day they tied the knot to be casual, there is a wedding theme called just like that. 

A casual wedding doesn’t have many rules, since the whole idea is to make it your own and enjoy. People usually go for an outdoor venue, sometimes even in their backyard. Menus on weddings like this are all about comfort food. The bride (s) are wearing shorter dresses than usual. Footwear is comfortable above all. All in all, the goal is to say yes in as relaxing as possible settings. 

How to choose the wedding theme 

Some wedding styles, like romantic or beach weddings, are all-time classics. And some are with us for one season and they never come back. But when choosing for your wedding, you shouldn’t be concerned that much about fashion. 

You should think about what goes best with you as a couple. What describes you? Are you two romantic souls? Are you a relaxed couple that would spend their life barefoot at the beach, hence you deserve such a wedding at least? Or maybe you are two glamorous creatures, and you won’t settle for less than a wedding day exactly like that?

Answering these questions should help you find the ideal team for you. 

Wrapping it up 

Choosing the right wedding theme might sound a bit overwhelming. Many couples probably at least once thought about how a wrong theme might jeopardize the success of the whole party. It’s normal to have these thoughts. 

But you should stop them by reminding yourselves you have already done the most important part: you found each other. And with a bit of planning, you’ll surely do the rest successfully.