Trelleborg and its innovative range of tractor tyres

Working in the fields is a challenging task. You need a profound grip, smooth movement, and efficient performance. Most of these factors depend entirely on the kind of tyre you use. The brand and quality of the tractor tyre can make a huge difference. 

Quality doesn’t come without a price. You will have to pay a fine amount for a standard-quality tyre. Performance is what matters. This does not mean that you need to empty your pockets. Many leading companies manufacture and sell good-quality tractor Tyres Hull. Trelleborg is also one of them. But what makes it unique and distinct from the others is the efficiency. 

About Trelleborg tyres

The company is a leading seller for off-highway products. Their products include agricultural and forestry machinery, construction vehicles, materials handling, etc. Apart from its products, the firm focuses on customer assistance, innovation, performance, and responsibility. These values make them different and better than their competitors. Trelle borg also employs Blue Tyre technology, which helps in sustainable farming. The farmers no longer need to worry about impacting the environment. The products of this company are eco-friendly.

The company has expanded its manufacturing facilities in Italy, the USA, Latvia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, China, Serbia, and the Czech Republic.  

Some innovative products launched by the company

Pneutrac tyres

Also referred to as ‘track on wheels’ tyres by the company, these tyres are produced by fusing track technology with radial tyres. These give you a comfortable experience as the Pneutrac tyres are 20 per cent lighter in weight as compared to other conventional tyres. The less weight also puts minimum stress on the soil. 

The Omega design sidewall is equipped with new Cup Wheel technology. This helps in sustaining load and provides flexibility. The wider footprint of these tyres works at low pressure and reduces soil compaction. 

You also get self-cleaning comfort with these tyres, all thanks to the inter-lug terraces. The company designed these tyres especially for vineyards and orchards that have steep terrains. 

These tyres are safe to drive between the rows of delicate crops.

Connect Tyre

Reduced soil compaction can only be achieved through low tyre pressure. But this affects other factors as well, like increased slippage and less efficiency. So, how exactly can you achieve the desired results?

This special tyre by the Trelleborg has two smart sensors equipped on each wheel. They help in transmitting information on slippage, temperature, and speed to the cab. The transmission is done with the help of Wifi or Bluetooth technology. An alarm will warn you as soon as the chances of slippage are detected. 

The farmers can adjust the speed accordingly when the tyres start to slip. This gives a carefree and efficient performance to the farmers. The tyre has also been designed with GPS technology to minimise the chances of theft. 

Your Tyre

This new range of cheap tyres fitted has something innovative to offer. You can get your name inscribed on them. All you need to do is fill an online order form and leave the rest to the company. This adds to the emotional bond that a farmer shares with the equipment. 

T410 Agroforest tyres

This one is another milestone added to the list of Trelleborg tyre range. It is suitable for both heavy-duty agricultural and forestry applications. As both of these areas have completely different conditions, the tyres have been designed to provide standardised performance. You get all the comfort and traction you expect. 

This model is equipped with a reinforced sidewall for the least impact. It has a special lug shape for attaining extra grip and traction on rough terrain. The lug area is way larger than most tractor tyres. The tyre has a shoulder design that delivers exceptional comfort and performance.  With the whole range of different innovative and efficient tyres, Trelleborg has become a farmer’s first choice and best friend. Their products are reliable and long-lasting. That is what makes their product worth every penny you spend on buying them. 

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