15 Health benefits of Cinnamon – How to use?

What is Cinnamon? Cinnamon is actually dark, aromatic dried bark of different cinnamon tree species. The cinnamon tree usually grows in the tropical regions of Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. The cinnamon bark is first removed, the upper layer is cut and the heartwood is removed. The heartwood contains many aromatic oils, salts and other nutrients. The cinnamon bark that is left behind is the cinnamon seed.

Benefits of Cinnamon:

There are many more uses of Cinnamon.

  1. As previously mentioned, Cinnamon has been used for centuries to treat colds and coughs. The healing properties of Cinnamon can help to calm down a fever and reduce inflammation in the body.
  2. It is also effective in reducing the swelling of swollen joints, such as the elbows and knees. This may sound counter-intuitive, but Cinnamon can be very effective in treating arthritis. Arthritis is common in dogs that’s why dogs owner ask can dogs eat Cinnamon?
  3. This ingredient is also used in many foods because it is a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory agent.
  4. Some studies have shown that it can reduce swelling and inflammation caused by arthritis.
  5. And because of its antiseptic properties it can help to relieve itching and inflammation.
  6. Also Cinnamon has shown positive results in helping to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other digestive disorders.
  7. It is also a good way to reduce or even eliminate stomach upset during pregnancy. And for those who are suffering from sinus pain, the Cinnamon helps to soothe the congestion and mucus in the sinuses.
  8. There are many uses for Cinnamon in your home. There are a few basic uses, but one of the most common uses is in the kitchen, including:
  9. Cinnamon is a wonderful spice for cooking, which is why most of the recipes you see for it, contain it. It is very mild, which makes it a great addition to many recipes. Cinnamon based desserts.
  10. Cinnamon has also become very popular in baking. Most recipes call for a pinch or two to add to cupcakes or muffins.
  11. Cinnamon can also be used to sweetenize many recipes, whether its in the form of a flavoring or in baked goods. Or you can make Cinnamon flavored candy.
  12. The number of uses for Cinnamon goes on. If you know someone who enjoys chewing on Cinnamon sticks, why not get him or her Cinnamon stick. Cinnamon has been used for many centuries in many oriental herbal remedies, especially for toothaches.
  13. It has even been used for thousands of years in Italy to help relieve toothaches, and is thought to have similar effects on the gums and the mouth that are produced when cinnamic acid is chewed on. The Egyptians had Cinnamon used for medicinal purposes.
  14. There are also many other uses of Cinnamon. The health benefits of Cinnamon include aiding digestion and the process of metabolism.
  15. And because it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Cinnamon can be used as an antibiotic, helping to kill harmful bacteria and harmful fungi, and thus help to prevent infection.

Uses of Cinnamon:

So what uses of Cinnamon do we have in our everyday lives? Well, it is often found in chewing gum, tea, coffee, chocolate, muffins, cookies and other baked items.

Many people like to take a cinnamon supplement for morning sickness because it acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

Side effects of Cinnamon:

But just like any other herbal or synthetic substance, there are side effects associated with Cinnamon supplements. Common side effects include headaches, irritability, increased urination, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, muscle spasms and blurred vision. But don’t let these symptoms frighten you away.

How to Use Cinnamon:

In many countries Cinnamon is now grown for use in many different products that you find in the grocery stores. It is a popular ingredient in many recipes including candies and food spreads.

You can add Cinnamon powder form to some beverages, which makes them an excellent natural laxative  add it to hot tea or coffee for added taste and a cooling sensation in the mouth when you need a break from a meal.

You can buy Cinnamon Sticks at any local health store, but for best results you should buy a Cinnamon stick online. They come in a variety of flavors and they are a good way to use up your cinnamon supply. It is always wise to buy in bulk.

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