7 Trending Mobile Games to Play Online With Friends in 2021

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The world is under a pandemic and everyone is bound to stay at home, which is quite depressing for a lot of people. As the outings with friends and family have been stopped and the spare time is working as a fuel to increase the thoughts of anxiety and fear regarding the pandemic. In such situations playing games is a great way to divert your mind and make your day enjoyable. 

7 Trending Mobile Games to Play Online With Friends in 2021

There are many games available on the play store or apple store but not every game is good enough to keep up with your interest. Moreover, not every phone is good for operating good games, only a few phones such as Xiaomi redmi 9c, Samsung, Apple, one plus phones are good for gaming. Therefore, you should consider both that it is a good game and that you have a good cell phone before killing the boredom you are facing. To make your research easy we are presenting the list of trending games to play online with friends in 2021.

Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds

One of the most famous games that has gained recognition among players and gamers is PUBG. The game was designed by Brendan Greene and was officially introduced in March 2018. It is an online multiplayer game that also allows you to interact with other unknown gamers and make friends with people who have the same interest as you, online by respecting the social distancing protocol. 

The game starts where each player is dropped to a different location and to win the game you have to make sure you are the last person alive in the area. You can play individually or with friends and to play with friends you need to add people to your friend list and invite them to play the game with you as a team member.

The limit of the player is up to 100 people and the game is available both on android and IOS for free of cost.

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty which is abbreviated as COD is a game that is played on PC but the mobile version of the game has also been introduced in October 2019. The game is one of the most renowned shooter games. It is a multiplayer game and you can add up to 100 players to it by adding your friends from the games menu. The game has various matches such as Cionic 5V5, 100-person battle, Black Ops and COD, etc. The game is present on both apple and play store for free.

Genshin Impact

The game is based on a story of the fantasy world of Tevyat. The story is about the twins who traveled across the world with each other but unfortunately separated by God in Tevyat. This online game is characterized by an open world environment; moreover, the game has an action battle system that includes elements of magic and the switching of characters. 

Although the game is free of cost on both android and IOS but to unlock some features such as resources, new characters, and weapons the game is monetized by gacha games. Additionally, the game can be played by up to 4 players.

Asphalt 9: Legends

One of the most interesting car racing games with amazing graphics that can give a boost to your serotonin level is Asphalt 9: Legends. It can be played individually or with multi-players. The Asphalt 9 is the successor of the great Asphalt 8: Airborne game. 

The Asphalt 9 has more content, customization options, and hypercars. The game is amazing and plays smoothly with a green color nitro boost and a new feature known as Touch Drive, in which the car can be controlled through the steering wheel making the game easier to play. The game is available on both Apple and Play stores. 

eFootball PES 2021

A game perfect for football freaks as in this pandemic playing football with other mates may violate the SOPs but playing eFootball will not. Although it is a huge game for smartphones, if you have a smartphone with enough memory such as iPhone 12, Samsung phones, or  Xiaomi redmi 9c you can easily download it and play it without any lagging. 

However, not only does the game have amazing graphics but also the option to play with your friends in the multiplayer option. The game can easily be found on both the apple and play stores for you to download.

Chess by AlFactory Limited

If you love board games and chess is a thrilling game for you then you must download Chess by AlFactory Limited. It gives you the options, either to play with a computer or to play with other players. Although, the game by both players should be played on a single device which means the other player can not operate it with their own device. 

Moreover, if you like chess but do not know how to play the game, there is an option, where you can learn basic skills and improve your strategy of chess playing. Additionally, there are several levels that you can set according to your expertise in the game such as beginner level, medium level, and hard level.

Jackbox Games

Every player needs to log in to the game through a passcode after entering the display name, the device of each player will be synced with the game. It is a kind of Pictionary and one of the most fun games to play with your friends. The phone screen will change and if it’s your turn to draw you will have to sketch whatever the game asked you to. Once you are done with the sketch your drawing will appear on everyone’s device and they will have to guess what you drew.  

Therefore,the player needs to discriminate between the real prompt or the prompt drawn by you. Whoever guesses the prompt correctly will get the point and if you persuade them to believe that what you drew was the real prompt then you will get the point. 

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Download these amazing games and kill boredom in the most amazing way. These games also allow you to communicate with friends and family in a much more fun manner.