Uber Clone App : Develop your taxi hailing business

As Uber made revolutionary changes in the On-demand taxi booking business across the world. Many companies developed similar kinds of programs where they had their own booking systems. 

The overall idea of the Uber got its success from the satisfied customers and the main reason could be the business model which was adopted by the company as it was the first company to develop such an innovative idea of booking a taxi and getting a ride at the convenience of the customers.

If the business owners are already into Taxi hailing business or if they are looking to enter into this industry they can start their venture by developing a Uber Clone App which includes all the basic features.

The basic features such as GPS tracking, Push notifications and Instant Payments will appear more perfect. 

O yes, you might wonder why to develop a clone app when you create your own app?

To understand why a business owner needs to develop an app like Uber, One must dig the topic a little deeper and should get to the roots of the idea that how such an exclusive idea came into existence. Why and what was the need?

In the year 2008, when two friends who met in Paris to attend a conference could not find a taxi to get back to the hotels after attending the conference.

What if the taxi is available as per your convenience and on your demand? Without asking or calling any known driver. 

O yes. Such a problem got the perfect solution and that’s when Uber got its birth. 

Uber provides 

  • A solution to problems related to commuting to nearby places and such problems are commonly faced by individuals.
  • Allowing taxi bookings with clarity regarding its price,type of cars and all other items within few seconds
  • Booking a taxi at an ease and with convenience by using smartphones
  • Sovereign jobs for drivers
  • Business model will be totally customer friendly

The most important aspect which cannot be ignored is the business model which is successfully adopted by Uber which satisfies the demands of the customers along with achieving organizational goals.

Uber clone apps can save much time for the business owners along with the fact that it is also pocket-friendly where business owners do not need to dig deeper in their pockets.

Though we all know the fact that when the app needs to get created from its initial phase it requires lump sum money to start the project and even the resources which get equipped in the process of developing an app are costly. 

With an Uber clone script, the cost of the app gets much more diminished and even it saves a lot of time and such precious time was likely to get allocated in gathering all the business requirements, features and even the idea of the structure. 

Since the Uber like app is scalable, one can analyse the working models and then can inculcate new and advanced features that are not included in the Uber app.

Now let’s ride the taxi and navigate through the flow of the uber clone app. 

How does the Uber clone app work?

Before the developer begins to develop an app, the team developing the app must know about how the app actually works? 

Reading a map without knowing the direction is of no use and will not add any value to any work which gets performed without actual knowledge. 

The flow of the Uber clone app is quite simple 

The requests for the rides by the customers gets started by making the choice for the source and the destined place to travel. Then according to the choices made by the customers the fare and type of cars gets decided. 

The user then confirms the pickup location and the availability of cabs nearby gets displayed on the app. 

The available drivers without any ride for the time-being get an option where they can choose to accept and even decline the ride. 

If one driver declines the request then it automatically gets driven to another nearby driver.

Even the apps are built in a manner where the auto deduction occurs at the end of the ride from the digital wallets or from the digital methods of payment using the same app where the customers earlier had their card details or where they attached the details of their digital accounts. 

The apps are also equipped where they ask for the reviews and rating to get the honest reply of the customers and to provide better services working on the grievances highlighted by the customers. 

Even the ratings page on the app provides insights to the customer while making a choice of the drivers. 

This is the overall working of the Uber clone app in simple words 

When safety and security gets hyped this year. The company or the app gets developed in such a manner that it gets readily available and it follows all the COVID 19 guidelines highlighted by the Government.

The safety measures which are adopted by the app is the proper sanitation of cars and artificial partition of the driver’s seat from the seat reserved for the customers. 

Such proper care and sanitation can increase the goodwill of the company and the company can standstill despite the cutthroat competition in the market. 

If the Uber clone app has certain safety features it will act as fulcrum and will reap the desired results.

There are several other features which can get adopted and which are properly integrated in the apps to work efficiently despite the global pandemic shredding the lives of individuals. 

Monetization Models : How the apps will generate revenue?

Though the fact remains much more common that when they get installed from the Appstore or the Google play store they are free of cost. The business of the apps needs to be adjusted in a significant way. 

Hence the monetization of the apps is an important aspect which cannot be ignored. 

There are many monetization strategies available in the market. The business owners along with the app developers must decide what kind of monetization model best suits their needs and such a model must only be adopted. 

The monetization models which are more popular than others are as follows:

  1. Data Monetization 

If the app holds large amounts of information of the customers then the data monetization model might get adopted by the business owners. 

Whenever any new user communicates within the app or comes into conversation with the technical expert they add some information to it and such information can be turned anonymous and can get quantified. 

It can also provide valuable information to the app owners about the behavioral patterns of the customers. 

The data gets collected in such a way that the developer’s own needs to find out the user behaviour, when the app gets into proper usage. The user can interact with the app and the app owners can get to know which are the areas where they need improvisation. 

The biggest and most important thing associated with this revenue model is that they don’t influence the experiences of the users. 

The second crucial benefit is that the platform of the app is independent and the revenue gets generated by the app at an external source and there remains no need to pay the commission to the app store for the revenue which got generated. 

  1. Referral program 

Apps such as Uber and majorly all the apps working in the On-demand sector generally puts into use the referral model for user acquisition.

Referral models can be created with minimum costs and the revenue which gets generated with proper use of it.

The only major cost of the referral program is the amount that app provides to the existing users for bringing and attracting new users. 

Depending on the needs and demands of the customers the monetization model must get deployed which are cost-effective and which brings positive outcomes for the apps. 

The last sentence 

Though when the information is provided in simple language and using the best available information across the web. It might create more confusion for the business owners whether they should create their own exclusive app or they should work with Uber clone apps. 

Apps which are blooming across the market are Lyft, Ola and much more which provides the taxi booking services or On-demand services to all the customers.

Working on the instincts and X factor is the perfect solution for the business owners after conducting proper survey and market research. 

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James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, assistance in trademark registration, Uber clone app development and marketing head at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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