Use of Carrier Bags

Undoubtedly plastic bags are versatile. These are used everywhere from household to industries. These modern lightweight shopping bags were invented in the 1960s. These were the simple one-piece folding bags that are durable and can be reused for a longer time. These were made to replace paper bags which require cutting of trees.

As time passed by paper bags were increasingly replaced by plastic carrier bags, as other plastic materials and products replaced glass, metal, stone, timber and other materials. A packaging materials war erupted, with plastic shopping bags at the centre of great disputes.

Later, being used too much, plastic bags became a major concern for the environment. They do not break down easily and as a result, are not environment friendly. Their resistance to degradation caused a rapid increase of pollution in the environment.  The plastic bags since cannot be recycled pose problem in the recycling process. This often leads plastic bags to end up clogging wheels or belts.  Considering all these issues in 2018 several countries, regions, cities have decided to ban or apply a charge on plastics bags with the aim to reduce the use of plastic.

Plastic bags can cause major and minor ecological and environmental issues.  Biodegradable bags are capable of being decomposed by living organisms. They are as reliable and strong as plastic carrier bags and are made up of paper, organic materials. 

Paper bags amongst them have gained a lot of popularity as they are 100% reusable and biodegradable.  Therefore, does not threaten wildlife or pose environmental issues. These are suitable for branding, packaging, and promotion purpose. These bags came into existence in the mid-18th century when manufacturers started developing paper bags that are harder and long-lasting.

Paper bag is made from either kraft paper or any recycles paper and usually tote style paper bag are made up of kraft paper. These tote style bags are often used by departmental and clothing store.

These are two types of paper bags same as cardboard boxes.

Single Layer paper Sack

These paper bags are used as shopping bags, grocery bags, paper bread bags and other light duty bags which have a single layer of paper.

Multiwall paper sack

These multiwall bags are generally used for shipping for bulk materials such as fertilizer, sand, dry chemicals etc.

Importance of Paper Bags

  • Processing paper is practical, it can be used as a carrier bag for bringing groceries or as gift wrap. 
  • People prefer using paper bags as they are neat and can be carried easily. It adds a status symbol as they can be embossed and grained to enhance the look.
  • These paper bags are available in different sizes and quality. It gives an aesthetic look to a brand as printing is possible on these paper bags.
  • When your product is properly packaged with premium quality paper bags, you can attract more customers which will help in promoting your brand to the target audience.

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