How to Find the Perfect Mailing Boxes

parcel boxes

Sending parcel through post is very common as it is cheaper than any other private mailing company. Post office helps you send your parcel anywhere you would like at very nominal prices. For mailing your parcel all you need to have is a suitable parcel box for sending your entire parcel. These mailing boxes or parcel boxes come in different sizes that is small, medium and large. All you need to do is taking the size of your product into consideration choose the box that perfectly fit your size. 

All about different sizes of parcel boxes

Let us dig deeper into different sizes and their specifications-

1. Small size boxes- These types of boxes are usually used when the size of parcel is small and you want to keep the product intact. These small mailing boxes give a professional look. 

2. Medium-size boxes- These can be used for heavier or bulkier items. These medium-size mailing boxes range from cardboard packaging boxes to professional-looking air mailing boxes.  The cardboard double wall packaging boxes provide safe and secure shipping over any distance. 

3. Large size boxes- These large size cardboard boxes can help you send large products or parcels. These large size boxes should be sturdy enough to carry even large fragile items without any damage.

Other things to keep in mind before mailing your parcel boxes

1. Structural Integrity

The size of the box should precisely match the product that will be shipped. Also there should be some extra gap inside the box for a protective layer like bubble wrap or thermocol balls. This will help safeguard items that can get damaged in handling and will also minimize the impact of transit. 

The structural integrity of your box needs to be perfect. There are miscellaneous collection boxes to choose from along with a variety of cushioning supplies. 

2. Material 

The material of which your packaging material is made up of is also a matter of consideration. Usually, packaging boxes are made up of two types of material-

    a. Paperboard – This is a lightweight product on which printing can be done easily. These are the best for cosmetics or pharmaceutical items.

    b. Corrugated – This is a sturdy material and is perfect for fragile items. These boxes can be used as e-commerce packages, shipping cartons and subscription boxes.

3. Design

In mailing boxes design is not a matter of consideration, but if you are mailing a gift then of course looks matter. Therefore to make unboxing memorable you can use colourful paints. And, if you are sending the box to your customers choosing natural options will attract attention to detail, such as a short catchy phrase or a logo.

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