6 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Building Website

WordPress is a reputed content management system that facilitates users to build and develop their own website. Users can fit their business of any type through wordpress websites. This platform provides a reliable backend support for standard blogs, ecommerces websites and even static web pages.

WordPress will be the first choice for any startup or fresher who needs to build their website for their business enhancement. Let us get into some interesting facts about wordpress that will give a clear understanding about the importance of wordpress and how far it has been recognized globally in the market.

Stats about WordPress

  • WordPress powers 39.6% of websites in the world which is 5% grown when compared to last year (30%).
  • Every 6 months, around 1.1 million new users purchase wordpress domains provided by wordpress hosting providers.
  • Every month, 2900000 times wordpress is being searched on the internet.
  • WordPress is the most used CMS with 61.8% of global share in the market.
  • WordPress is available in more than 200 languages and gets more than 163 million unique visits every month.
  • When compared with Amazon, WordPress has 501 times fewer employees.
  • Currently there are 54000+ free plugins that support developers to build their website.
  • Nearly 28% of ecommerce are built with the woocommerce platform.
  • Every day 281 new woocommerce sites get launched online.
  • Per day, around 500+ websites are built with wordpress where with shopify and other platforms only 60 to 70 websites are built.

Hope these facts and stats are sufficient to make you understand the true value of wordpress and how well all wordpress hosting providers are performing in the market. Now let us find out the key benefits of using the WordPress platform for your website.

The ultimate benefits of using WordPress for building a website

A widely supported platform

WordPress has been available in the market for more than 2 decades and there are many reliable wordpress hosting providers who can deliver the best solution for your online business. Users can easily get backend support from various sources. 

More official forums and communities are available that will help users to clear their queries then and there. More blogs and Youtube videos are available that will make you understand about how to build a website using wordpress and you can make it possible without any technical knowledge. 

Choose your web host of your choice

There is no restriction in selecting your wordpress hosting providers and your hosting plans. The traffic and storage depends on the hosting plan you choose. All you need is to select a perfect hosting provider like wellonus who can assure a high-level of security and flexibility to access the platform and its resources whenever needed. 

You will also be able to shift providers if you are not satisfied with their services. WordPress hosting providers like Wellonus deliver the best hosting service in the market and you will not get any idea of shifting from wellonus to other hosting providers.

More plugins for site enhancement

Thousands of free and freemium wordpress plugins are available and users can select plugins that will improve their site performance and will get them more audience that leads to greater conversion. Every plugin has its own functionality that will facilitate users to provide a seamless experience to their audience.

Few mostly used plugins are mailchimp for newsletter, Vaultpress for automated backup process, Jetpack for website performance analysis are reporting. Users can easily check the description of each plugin and can download the one that is highly needed for their website and make it more user-friendly to the audience. 

WordPress is specialized with SEO

No website can survive if it is not search engine optimized. It is very fortunate that WordPress comes with in-built SEO that will help users to get their site to be ranked easily in all search engines. To make it further visible you can use concern plugins that will boost the SEO process easily.

Plugins like Yoast will enhance SEO performance of your site and will make you visible in top rankings in Google and other search engines. There are many more plugins apart from Yoast that will deliver the SEO process effectively and you can easily see the result in a very short period of time. 

Perfect customization

Customization is the key aspect to attract an audience to your website. Users need to periodically customize their website that will suit their customers’ demand and buying behavior. Readymade themes will be available with wordpress and you can straightaway use them for your website without much difficulty.

With a one-click solution you can adapt the theme instantly. There are also options with wordpress that will allow you to customize the theme to suit your business. You can build your own layout for your platform.

Most web hosts provide one-click installs

Leading web host providers like Bluehost and Hostgator offer one-click installs that will facilitate users to build their wordpress site with a single-click. You need to spend some more time framing the theme and layout for your site. The rest will be taken care of by the web hosting provider.

Before finalizing your wordpress hosting provider you need to check whether they support the one-click install option and reviews of the service. Otherwise you will be stuck with the hosting provider and may not enjoy maximum benefits of developing a perfect wordpress website. Know more about bluehost reviews?

Can get more contribution from multiple users

Only with wordpress websites can you get multiple contributions from multiple users. Just by simply adding new users from the CMS section of the wordpress backend process you can allow users to add info to your wordpress website. Others can write blogs and post on your website.

Same time you, being an administrator of the website can have complete control over users’ action with your website. You can either or delete the action done by other users. This will provide complete flexibility to the admin and can check the performance periodically.


WordPress is a well-recognized platform that has huge recognition in the global market. This will be the best choice for your website development and you can experience all extensive features that will help you to have a user-friendly interface and can provide a responsive and feature-rich platform to users.