VDI for Education: Top 5 Benefits for Universities and Schools

The rise of remote learning is quite evident in modern education setups across the globe. From primary schools to universities, all levels of educational institutes, and students are leveraging the power of VDI for education.

The best part is that VDI setups for education are not only beneficial for the students but offer a range of features for educational institutes as well. It helps them in reducing IT management and maintenance expenses, simplifying data management, saving time, and so forth. Here we take a look at the various benefits of implementing VDI for remote learning.

VDI: An Overview

VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure is the use of virtual machines for deploying and managing virtual desktops. A VDI setup is hosted on a centralized server and deployed to the end-user on request.

The end-users can interact with hosted desktops via applications for doing everything a user could ask for on a real computer. In simple terms, it resembles the relationship between a physical server in a data center and a virtual machine.

VDI delivers a ton of different advantages for various kinds of industries all across the globe. Users get enhanced mobility, flexibility, enhanced security, and more.

Why VDI Works in Education and Schools?

Schools, universities, and other learning environments can leverage tons of benefits from VDI, irrespective of its type, sizes, and strength. Students can eliminate complexities of remote learning and distance education with the help of cloud-hosted virtual desktop solutions.

Also, educational institutes can implement “Bring Your Own Device” for their on-campus students as well. It would not only enhance their learning efficiency but would open up hundreds of new opportunities for IT innovations and digital learning. Also, it would allow educational institutes to monitor students in a highly-detailed manner.

VDI for Education: Top 5 Benefits for Universities and Schools

Here we begin with the top 5 benefits of VDI for universities and schools.

#1 Bring Your Own Device: One of the biggest benefits of desktop virtualization services for educational institutions is the easy implementation of Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD ).

Universities and schools can allow their students to access centralized and secure published desktops via their personal smartphones, laptops, and various other devices.

Not only will it enhance the learning efficiency of the students but will also reduce the overall IT expenses of the educational institutes. Expenses such as device purchasing, maintenance, updates, licensing, and so forth can be reduced easily.

#2 Centralized Management: With the power of VDI, the overall end-point device and IT management becomes very easy. For example, unlike traditional methods, IT teams would not have to individually update each and every system in the college or school computer laboratory. All kinds of management activities and updates can be handled from a centralized interface.

#3 Improved Security: Traditional desktop virtualization methods and cloud-computing solutions have always been questioned about their security and reliability. Cloud-powered VDI solutions eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access and data breach.

Data in virtual desktops setups is centralized and is protected by tons of different security policies. Also, additional security policies can be enforced from a central interface.

#4 Remote Learning Simplified: Another major benefit of VDI for universities and schools is remote learning. Students get access to published desktops from the comfort of their homes. It would eliminate various remote learning roadblocks with features like secure desktops accessibility, data management, disaster recovery solutions, and so forth.

#5 Expands Opportunities: VDI offers simple, secure, and cost-efficient remote desktop access to all levels of students. Students having the most simple devices can access some of the most performance-demanding apps for their assignments and coursework. Not only will it expand opportunities for all students in an educational setup but will also help needy students in enhancing their learning possibilities.


VDI for education is eliminating various different kinds of barriers in on and off-campus learning. It is providing students with the ease of learning capabilities, as well as is expanding opportunities in education like never before. It’s quite safe to say that VDI for education is the future of advanced learning.

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