Web Ideas That Will Change The World In 2021

The Ever Growing Internet Craze:

We are living in an era where living without food and water might be acceptable but living without the internet is not. This current generation is so hooked on the internet services and so dependent on them that it is almost hilarious. Even the older generations have started to increase smartphone usage after getting a taste of the tangle of webs that is out there to explore.

Well, it is 2021 now and thanks to the pandemic locking up everyone inside their homes with nothing better to do, the internet activity has increased even more so than ever before. Web developers worldwide are coming up with crazy new ideas every year and making the web experience more enjoyable with each passing trend, the people just cannot seem to get enough.

Website development in South Africa is a clear example of this as all the best website designers in South Africa are working tirelessly to always find ways to push for new ideas and trends. Well, this blog is exactly about those ideas and now let us discuss the latest web development ideas that are going to change the world in 2021!

The Latest Web Ideas of 2021:

  • Browser Push Notifications: Although push notifications are not a new thing and have been around for many years on mobile OS such as android and iOS, they were only recently integrated on internet websites. This changes the entire dynamic of how people approached websites and one could say, how websites approached you. You may have noticed more and more websites have been asking for permission to display push notifications.
  • This is being implemented for websites after seeing how successful push notifications are in grabbing the user’s attention and increasing user engagement on mobile apps, so why not do it for websites as well.
  • It took them some time to realize this could be implemented for websites too but as they say better late than never! Browser push notifications are slowly becoming very popular and of course when you offer the best website design packages in South Africa, you also offer the feature of having browser push notifications for your personal websites at dialAwebsite.com. With some of the best web developers in South Africa working for us, we have always been ahead of the curve and up to date with all the latest web ideas and trends.
  • Progressive Web Applications: One of the latest web ideas that is going to take 2021 by storm are progressive web application. A progressive web application is built using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. They are able to smoothly run on both desktop and mobile devices. The main advantage of these is that you do not need to download the web application, saving you both valuable time and space.
  • They are best suited for organizations that want to save their budget on investing in applications. All web development companies quickly need to offer web application services as these are very soon going to be the go-to infrastructure for mobile and desktop apps. Web development companies also need to invest in this technology for reasons such as increased security, speed, offline mode, and increased user engagement compared to conventional applications. Also, you can safely bet that DialAWebsite.com has started investing in progressive web applications and very soon the best website design packages in South Africa will also include options to have a progressive web application built to complement the website.
  • Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI):These technologies have been around for some time, and you are probably already using them without even knowing in the form of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant etc. These are all examples of Artificial Intelligence and now in 2021, these only seem to get better and better with each new iteration. More and more websites are using AI Chatbots to solve user problems and answer queries. This helps in reducing waiting times as well as saves the business the extra costs of hiring customer support staff
  • . As this technology becomes more popular, website developers are expected to get into this niche and hopefully innovate further and make the user experience smoother. If you are a web developer reading this blog, you better get yourself familiar with chatbots and how to integrate it into a website because you are about to see a lot of these in the near future!