August 10, 2022

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What do one mean by Car Dry Cleaning in Pune?

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Car dry cleaning in Pune

Car dry cleaning is a new age process being implemented by many of the service providers where there is no water usage in the service but rather use of other water free products and materials which can help clean the car both on the exterior as well as the interior. This cleaning method has been in news most recently because it helps save water substantially and is great for the environment as well.

To clean your car using the dry cleaning method at home, you can look out for rinse free car wash products online and a microfiber cloth and these two are the only things that you need to go ahead with car dry cleaning at home. Start by spraying or adding the product to the microfiber cloth and start scrubbing the different parts of your car area by area, so that you can get all the areas completely clean and dirt free. While using the microfiber cloth, make sure that you’re scrubbing only in one direction because cleaning in multiple direction may cause swirl marks to appear on the surface of the paint.

How do dry car wash products work?

Dry car wash products or rinse free products basically are made up of polymers that cause the dust and dirt particles on the paint job to rise and that’s how they can be easily removed by using a microfiber cloth on the respective surfaces. Dry car wash products are fast drying and if not wiped off completely, can leave marks and residual matter on the paint job of the car.

How does dry car wash benefit you and your vehicle?

Since you don’t have to use water to wash your car, you can do it at any place of your choice and don’t need to go to the car washing center or need a water resource nearby your car. Although it does take a bit longer than your regular car wash, it’s is way easier to dry wash your car at any place and at any time. The most important benefit is the lower water consumption which basically ends up saving anywhere between 100 to 150 litres of water per car wash. 

Most of the premium and top of the line water free car wash products are eco-friendly and biodegradable together. They don’t include any kind of chemicals and alcohol which may cause any erosion to the paint on the car. Though not all of these products are eco-friendly, most of them are. And so, when you opt for a waterless car wash, you submit to an eco-friendly car cleaning procedure.

Disadvantages of Car Dry Cleaning

As much as there are a lot of benefits of Car Dry Cleaning, there are certain disadvantages as well. Using the car dry cleaning method can be a longer and more tedious process because one needs to clean all nooks and corners using the microfiber cloth and there is no pressure wash to help clean the car faster.

If your car is completely dirty and hasn’t been washed in a while, Car dry cleaning in Pune isn’t going to be very helpful since there is an immediate need of a pressure water wash to remove the tough and hardened dirt particles from the car and just scrubbing the car with a microfiber cloth isn’t going to make your car look all clean and shiny.

Also, since this method is catching up with customers and service providers alike, there is a boom for water free products and not every product will give you the end result that you’re looking for. Some of these products have toxic chemicals which can leave marks and stains on the car surface and might end up damaging the paint job of your car. You need to carefully understand the product that you will be using on your car otherwise you will only end up damaging your car paint by using the wrong product.

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to the car dry cleaning method but you will be able to make a better call now that we have mentioned all of them for you in this post.

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