Cavite formally called as the Province of Cavite is a rural area in the Philippines found in Luzon’s south region. The accumulated census in 2015 stated that about 3.6 million people live within the province’s premises. The surveyed population solely proves how enormous the place is.

The domain of Cavite started to become popular because of its affluent heritage that gained in the warfare happened in history. Additionally, a large number of National Heroes live and fought for the municipal’s freedom. The brave heroes who battled for the future of Cavite are why the province is called “Land of the Brave.”

The history made in the city and the monuments gained from those combats are not the only thing that encouraged Cavite’s popularity. The scenic prodigies of its national resources, such as the beaches, caves, rainforests, and flower fields, also boost the district’s prestige to the local citizens and foreigners from various countries. 

Tagaytay is not an anomaly through the eyes of the beholders. Multiple travellers adored Tagaytay’s cold yet soothing weather, the Picnic Grove, People’s Park in the Sky, Paradizoo, and Ilog Maria Bee Farm’s sensational beauty. 

Howbeit, the best staycation in Tagaytay notoriously recognized as Staycation Tagaytay endorses these best moments to visit the famous tourist spot:

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