Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Marketing Has Been So Successful

Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing as a marketing automation application for turning prospects into business relationships. The solution was found to be very easy to work on, integrated well with other Dynamics 365 apps such as Sales, had some exciting built-in features to play with and helped do a lot of other things as well. Here are a few things that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps do which have made it such a successful and highly sought app that empowers an organization’s marketing initiatives:

  • It helps create graphical email messages and online content: Both are necessary if marketing initiatives are to bring desirable results for any organization. D365 for Marketing enables end users to create customizable templates for emails and landing pages that add substance to their marketing initiatives. Intuitive drag-and-drop design tools in the solution make creating content simple, be it making messages personal or setting up lead scoring. Scheduling a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo will make it easy to understand.
  • It helps design interactive customer journeys for better lead generation: End users will be able to deliver to their leads (prospective customers) personalized email messages, plan and execute follow-up activities, launch workflows etc. Each contact in the list of leads, as it happens, travels down a certain path and reacts in a certain manner to the interactions it has with the end user working on the application. Understand this journey so to track campaigns and monitor results that go a long way in building sustainable relationships.
  • It helps get access to LinkedIn’s network: The biggest professional network in the world where every professional has a profile can be sifted through using Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which helps target and connect with LinkedIn audiences by importing leads generated through the social network’s lead tools directly into Dynamics 365. Additionally, it also helps understand leads better by giving to end-users a 360-degree view of each lead, ensuring that all personnel from the marketing and sales teams have access to latest data that include key contacts, recent activities, past purchases and open opportunities.
  • It helps organize and publicize events: Using D365 for Marketing, end users can keep all the information about event venues, logistics, ticketing, sessions, speakers, sponsors etc. in one single place to not only make coordination better but also host webinars with ease. The app makes it possible for end users to generate an online event website for attendees to review event information and register online and get to integrate their events into their marketing email messages.
  • It helps carefully analyze and document return on investment and actionable surveys: The app lets the end user use dashboards and reports to track how their marketing activities perform in real-time and identify the most fruitful leads and bring together sales and marketing results under one single app that helps get a close view of how exactly the business is performing.
  • It helps create easy-to-use surveys: Additionally, the app also helps create easy-to-use surveys that make it easy to get feedback from customers, which can then be acted upon to understand individual customer needs and subsequently use that knowledge to build stronger relationships. You will understand better by scheduling a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo.

Summary: These factors highlighted above have made D365 for Marketing such a successful business app that continues to help organizations make their marketing initiatives better.

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