Who is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

If you are a seller on Amazon, you know Amazon’s Marketplace competitiveness. You can find all the big brands here. Competition is immense, even in small business niches. So what is the solution? 

Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

Amazon sells over 12 million products, which is just 10% of the total products. So you can imagine that selling on Amazon is not easy. A VA can help you grow your business. They handle all the small tasks like refunds and listing optimization to let you focus on brand new ideas and growth.

An Amazon Virtual Assistant is a trained individual who works remotely and helps you in your Amazon Business. You will often come across a team of Professional Virtual Assistants. They are highly professional, and you should not compare them with the average office assistant. Entrepreneurs also call them e-commerce Business Managers because that’s who they are. They can assist you in the A-Z services of Amazon-like Product Hunting, Research, Listing Creation, Optimization Launching, and Ranking.

When Does Your Business Need an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

If you are still confused about whether or not you should hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is customer support suffering because of a lack of time and attention?
  2. Are you constantly not having enough time to work on the bigger picture of your brand and just doing micro tasks every day?
  3. Do you lack the skills required to do Amazon Tasks professionally and efficiently?
  4. Feel overwhelmed by doing Amazon-related tasks every day?

If the ANSWER to any of the above questions is YES, you need an Amazon Virtual Assistant. Because a business owner cannot flourish if they do all the tasks themselves, that is just a waste of precious time because you have a limited number of hours in a day. The best way to efficiently manage time is to delegate more straightforward tasks to VAs. That is the reason why some people are stuck in the initial stages of Business and others flourish.

The advantage of hiring a remote virtual assistant over a full-time physical employee is that you cut down on high costs while getting better value for money.

What Services can an Amazon Virtual Assistant provide?

You can ask your VA to perform the following tasks for you.

Amazon Listing Creation and Optimization

You can ask your VA to write an attractive and SEO-optimized listing for you. They will do the market research for you and write SEO optimized Titles, Bullet Points, and Description. You can free up your time and let your VA take care of these tasks for you.

EBC Content/ A+ Content 

In addition to an SEO-optimized listing, you can also ask your VA to write SEO-optimized Content and add attractive pictures and videos to optimize your A+/ EBC content fully. So now you will see how a professional virtual assistant handles small but essential tasks.

Market Research

If you want to get the best out of your business, the first step is to study your competition to see what works for the market and what does not. Also, it gives you a forecast of the direction of the market. A professional virtual assistant can efficiently perform all these tasks. They can also assist you in other aspects of managing your business like digital marketing and graphics Designing.

Customer Support

Quick and professional replies to the customers’ questions are very significant for your Amazon product listing. Amazon counts these minor things as crucial to ranking your product listing on its platform. VAs can also do phone calls, SMS’s and emails if required. If you own a brand new website, they can also assist you with basic webmaster tasks.

Account Maintenance

Now that your business is doing well on Amazon, all there is left to do is take care of shipments, refunds, and supplier contacting. These tasks are small but can also increase with your business. An Amazon virtual assistant helps you in these tasks, taking care of negative reviews and much more.

What skills Must You Look for in an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Since Amazon is developing and updating the platform, one must keep pace with all the latest updates. Therefore, develop basic training and familiarity with operating Seller Central. Also, they must have sufficient experience in the relevant field.

But along with these skills, some other personality traits are also worth looking at in a VA, like discipline, hard work, timely delivery, excellent communication, leadership, and organizing to keep your business running profitably and smoothly. 

How to Hire an Expert Virtual Assistant?

There are many methods for hiring a reliable and professional VA. Still, the best and most secure one is hiring through a company of AMZ VA service providers because they are most likely to have the top talent in the market.

Service providers have tried and tested VA’s to provide the best quality service. But, unfortunately, they have to go through many tests to become a part of a professional organization.

Every company wants to hire top-quality Amazon virtual assistants’ talent so that its reputation remains unblemished. 

Once the company gives you a list of candidates according to your needs, schedule a call and interview them. It is also an excellent practice to prepare some questions you would ask in an Amazon virtual assistant job interview.

Once you have shortlisted the candidates, you can also prepare some test tasks you can ask them to do and then make up your mind based on the results. This method gives you an idea about who to hire since you want only the best and nothing less.

How much does a Professional VA cost?

Many VA’s come in various packages according to their skillset and experience. For example, an Average VA for basic tasks costs you 7-15 $ per hour, whereas a professional one capable of handling significant and complicated tasks can cost you 15-50$ per hour. But you can also hire VA on a task basis to further cut down the costs.

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